11 Ways To Easily Transition Your Career Style From Summer To Fall | CorporateFashionista.com
Fall is coming!

Yet it is not quite in full swing. Morning and evening commutes are chilly, while lunchtime temperatures run warm to hot. The weather can even change dramatically from Monday to Wednesday to Friday. It is no wonder our work style can look like mishmash in September!

The challenge to feeling comfortable while looking stylish throughout the early fall season can be daunting, no matter if you work in a corporate, creative, or casual work environment.

That’s why I’ve put together a collection of early fall style strategies for you from some favored personal style bloggers to help make the seasonal transition a breeze. You’ll quickly see just how easy it is to mix seasons:

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The Fashion Formula: Dress Easy So You Can Work Hard | CorporateFashionista.com

If I told you, there was a way you could dress stylish everyday as a professional while saving massive minutes off your morning routine. Would you believe me?

Introducing The Fashion Formula, created by Jodie from Jodie Noted. She was inspired by the former What Not To Wear television show and created a style equation to help herself quickly put together stylish outfits. It doesn’t look like Jodie is blogging anymore, but thanks to her (and the internet); her formula lives on for the rest of us.

Style shouldn’t be complicated. Looking your best doesn’t need to be hard. And I figure, why mess with magic?!

That’s why I’ve included the formula (after minor tweaks) into my top five steps to creating instant outfits – taking the guesswork out of what to wear, allowing you to put your next professional look together lickety-split, and adding the joy back into getting dressed:

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The Boardroom: Borrow, Buy, Believe + More | CorporateFashionista.com

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  • What These Powerful Women Would Have Told Their 22-Year-Old Selves [HuffPost]
  • The Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape [The Every Girl]
  • Get your 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide. An e-toolkit created by stylist, Brittany Witkin, founder of The Style Shaker. After helping over 200 women overhaul their closets, she’s sharing a play-by-play of exactly what she does and how she does it with her closet toolkit. “I wrote the guide to enable any woman, anywhere, to get the closet/wardrobe she has always wanted, AND have fun while doing it. It’s like having me in their closet at a fraction of the cost.” says Brittany.

    Looking to donate after your closet overhaul? Turn your closet into cash for charities. Check out my Forbes interview with Fashion Project founders.

  • Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is taking place. Prices go up August 4th. At this particular sale, I look for fall/winter staple pieces that will get tons of use. Lots of jeans, boots, leather jackets, watches, workout wear, beauty exclusives, and more available. Here are a few of my faves: leather sleeved knit jacket and dress, year-round blouse, suits at varying price points here, here and here, nude makeup palette, undergarments, two-tone silver and gold watch, embossed satchel bag, plus pumps, booties, and boots.
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Discover How To Dress Your Body Type (Once & For All!) | CorporateFashionista.com

Do you have a boss, co-worker, or BFF whose style you admire and wonder how she does it?!

A surefire way to becoming an instant corporate fashionista is to understand how to dress your body type. There are five basic body types: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, oval, and rectangle. (Note: I am choosing to reference geometric shapes for consistency purposes, but feel free to use common fruit names or otherwise.) You and I, both have some variation of one of these common body types, regardless of weight or height.

It is easy to feel some style anxiety when it comes to dressing your body type, especially when you start factoring into the equation all of the wonderful (yet fashion challenged!) parts that make our bodies so unique, such as different shaped and length torsos, busts, arms, shoulders, legs, derrières…the list goes on and on.

Today, let’s simplify the process and focus on the bigger picture, by learning the science behind dressing your general body type – measuring from your bustline to your hips. It is the crux to great style.

Here is a style guide to dressing your body type I’ve created for you, to use as reference, so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, like you’re trying to fit a ‘square peg in a round hole’, and instead learn how to play up your shape & flatter your figure, once and for all:

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