3 Fall Trends Worth Trying

September 22, 2010

Do you consider yourself a risk taker? In business…in love…in life? What about in fashion? What would you say if I told you that the degree with which we choose to stay modern and current with our outfits directly reflects the degree of perceived risk we take in all areas of our lives? Yep, it’s true! When we appear fashionable in an appropriate and flattering way, others perceive us as being in the forefront of today’s modern life. This definitely includes our professional lives too!

It is undeniable that we desire to be around those “front-and-center” people that seem to be actively engaged in all facets of our society’s evolution. Many of them dress the part well. Great style often demands fashion risks. We are lucky, since creative designers consistently provide us with the opportunity to renew our sense of adventure in style and to have our personal presentation accurately reflect our passion and engagement.

My goal is to tempt you to step outside of your fashion comfort zone and experiment with the latest fashion trends while still keeping your attire suitable for your individual lifestyle. Some trends will work better than others. The secret to appear on trend but not trendy is to select and incorporate classic versions of current trends. This way we will not only be able to prolong the life of each piece, but, more importantly, add gorgeous, flattering and versatile pieces to our active modern wardrobes.

So come on! Let’s take a look at some more fashionable fall trends. Since they are hot trends, they are available in several options. One is bound to work for you.


3.1 Phillip Lim – Quilted Clutch w/ Detachable Strap – La Garçonne – $375

All things leopard print are huge this season! Taking part in this trend via accessories seems to be the most versatile route. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this absolutely gorgeous clutch bag designed by the acclaimed Phillip Lim. The combo of leopard motif displayed on quilted suede fabric is chic and a key element that makes this bag so special and unique. His use of fabric, rather than the expected and over produced haircalf for a leopard print bag, is refreshing and exudes charm and luxuriousness.

The actual size of the leopard print pattern is attractive to boot. It is not too small of a print where it would be challenging to see and admire from afar, nor is it too large and bold, where it certainly would overpower an outfit. The structural design details are alluring as well. This fold-over clutch can be locked to safely secure our belongings and its favorable dimensions allow us to easily grasp the bag in our hands. If that wasn’t enough, this clutch bag additionally has a detachable shoulder strap. Now, we have several style options easily at our disposal. We can’t ask for more than that!


JCrew Waxed Utility Jacket – $148

Military-inspired garments are a hot trend this fall season, particularly, the utility jacket. Its more recent popularity started last spring and hasn’t stopped! Since the word utility expressly states that it should be a useful garment for us, I wanted to share with you a very versatile utility jacket. Obviously, this trend will not coincide well for every work environment, but weekends, well, we should be a-ok to throw one on.

JCrew’s version of the utility jacket is extremely desirable because it is water repellant. Oh! And, of course, it’s undeniably cute…it’s designed by JCrew. But the added water repellant feature in this style…well, that is rare.

We also have the option to zip and/or button the jacket which allows us easy on and off access. The front chest pockets are not too big or too small, so it will fit many body types. Plus, it is has a nice mix of feminine details in a rather masculine silhouette. You could even place a belt on the outside of the jacket as another styling option. And, finally, the color is a flattering dark elm green versus a common army green. We want to be unique and fashionable!


Kate Spade New York Marli Too – Zappos Couture – $298 $220

The trendiest version of a wedge shoe this fall is a wedge boot. However, I wanted you to be able to participate in this trend to the fullest. So, I opted to highlight a pair of Kate Spade black patent leather wedge shoes. They have a classic yet strikingly modern design. This allows us to wear them straight from the office and out to dinner with friends. Plus, black patent material wares better than most dress shoes under fall’s wet weather conditions. Essentially, these shoes can be worn all year long.

A well-designed wedge shoe has a wonderful balance between contemporary aesthetic and actual physical comfort. Its design structure leans towards a more comfortable fit for us to wear throughout our long days. A wedge shoe allows our foot to place more weight along the entire foot to create overall balance with less pressure on the balls of our feet. So, when you find a great pair like these, grab them and run!

One of the greatest things about discovering trends that we wish to wear is that there are plenty of styles in the marketplace at all price points. Let’s decrease our fashion risk aversion and just go for it when the mood strikes! We owe it to ourselves!

Do any of these fall trends inspire you to step outside your fashion comfort zone? I would love to hear what’s on your most-wanted list this season.

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  • I love that military jacket. I can’t wait to have it. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog post.

  • Kristina Moore

    Melanie – Thanks! That’s great news! I love it too – I think I am going to have to get one myself. ; )