5 Style Prep Steps To Create Fireworks For Your 4th of July Weekend

June 28, 2011

Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming holiday weekend? I bet you are! In theory, holidays are meant for rest and relaxation. Yet, it goes without saying; we don’t want to miss out on any of the fun! This Fourth of July is no exception and I’m sure you’ve got a jam packed weekend. The question is…will you be prepared in time? Have you already figured out what you are going to wear and what you need to bring to be ready for each and every planned (and unplanned) activity?

I know you want to enjoy the big summer holiday to its fullest, so I’ve put together five style prep steps to help you get ready now for the weekend. This way your sense of style doesn’t get lost in the frenzy:

Jot down your tentative schedule. This will give you a good idea of what you will need each day plus give you hints as to how you can make them seamlessly interchangeable throughout each day’s activities.

Create versatile outfits. You want to be able to go from a day at the beach to an afternoon sporting event to a last minute barbeque invite and end with a fireworks fair production with ease. Focus on simple pieces to layer and mix-n-match. Simple does not have to mean solid colors. This Marc by Marc Jacobs classic shift dress is a prime example (right image). Throw it on over your bathing suit and wear with simple flat sandals during the day then switch out flats for a pair of heeled espadrilles, grab a cardigan or cotton navy blazer and you’re all set for the evening.

Pack tote bag. Start filling it with essentials now, so you’re not stressing at the last minute and throwing anything and everything into it. Plastic bag for wet bathing suit…check, an extra change of clothes (just in case)…check, a pair of heels and a sweater/sweatshirt…check, a hat and sunscreen…check, sunglasses/glasses/contact solution, chapstick/lipgloss, and a hair band…check. Plus, let’s not forget your e-reader and phone charger…check, check. Well, you get the idea. Whatever it is you think you might need, get it in the bag now and then edit the night before.

Do beauty treatments. This is an important step. It’s amazing how much more confident and joyful we feel when we have taken care of ourselves. Some grooming treatments can be done on the day of while others need some lead time, such as, getting a manicure and pedicure. No time? At minimum, use a pumice stone to soften your heels. (How-to video). Got tanned arms and lily white legs? Quickly correct a skin tone mismatch with a self tanning lotion. (How-to video). Plus, protect your hair from those UV rays by using a deep hair condition ahead of time. One of my favorites is Frederic Fekkai’s Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask where very little product goes a long way and it is now available at most drugstores (ie. CVS; Bed, Bath and Beyond).

Add whimsy. Let’s face it! This is the last official summer holiday. Join others in celebrating independence by adding a touch of holiday whimsy and cheer to your outfits. You can look spirited without looking cheesy. It’s okay to wear red, white or blue. Pull out your nautical themed pieces. Even chic stars and stripes apparel and accessories will work. Simply select one option and go for it! Keep the overall outfit simple and then add one festive touch with a holiday inspired color, print or accessory. The point is to have fun with your clothes! I promise you’ll enjoy your holiday weekend even more.

How do you plan to dress spirited over the holiday weekend? Share your ideas with our readers in the comments section below.

Top image credit: Marc by Marc Jacobs Schooner Stripe Jersey Dress $148, available at Shopbop, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom.

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