Answer These 3 Questions Before You Buy Anything For Fall

August 8, 2012

Is it crazy to be thinking about your Fall wardrobe, right now?!

It’s still plenty hot outside and you haven’t even had a chance to wear your trendy, lightweight, mint green blouse or colorful, graphic print, weekend sundress you just bought on sale.

The truth is it’s not too early. And here’s why.

Stores are beginning to stock up on the latest cool weather fashions and the best stuff sells out lightning fast, the infamous, super thick September magazine issues, jam-packed with runway fashions, release soon, plus blogs and newspapers are beginning to feature the best upcoming fall trends.

You want to be prepared before you are bombarded!

Doing so makes it much easier to make informed style choices for each new season. Your goal this fall is to have a work and weekend wardrobe that truly supports you and your lifeSTYLE!

Over the next few weeks, I recommend keeping a simple running list in your phone or note book or even on a sticky note. Make it easy on yourself. No need to tackle your closet of chaos just yet.

Before you buy, ask yourself these three wardrobe questions:

  1. What worked well last year? Off the top of your head, you remember you loved your black Trina Turk trouser pants, but do recall that over time the length may have become a little too short, so it would be a good idea to be on the look out for a new pair. Or you recollect your white Rebecca Taylor blouse was a huge success last fall, but it yellowed after so much dry cleaning. Add that to your must have fall shopping list. You definitely lived in your Cole Haan knee-high boots and would really like to see their new styles this season. By focusing on which pieces worked well for you last year, you can quickly recycle those pieces that didn’t succeed.
  2. Any challenging changes this year? Have you lost or gained any weight since last fall season? Did you change jobs since then? Are you doing more presentations at work and require appropriate new pieces in your fall wardrobe? Do you have a career promotion strategy this fall and need outfits to support your mission? Have your fashion aesthetics evolved since last year?
  3. Or do you just want to do it differently this year? Do you want to experiment with your wardrobe more this fall season? Participate in fewer trends and have more staple items? Or vice versa? Wear fewer black clothes and, instead, incorporate more color or prints into your wardrobe?

It pays to be prepared, so you can buy smart! No one wants to feel like she’s scrambling and just buying for buying’s sake. Answering these questions before you buy will greatly help to reduce any shopping mistakes, and get you into a fall wardrobe that makes you look and feel fantastic!

Please share your answers in the comments section below. Your experiences and insights will certainly help other CF readers!

Image Credits:; photos by Marcio Madeira. (Left to right) Pringle of Scotland, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Burberry Prorsum, Bottega Veneta.

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  • As a fashion stylist, it is always  a good idea to look fab always which is why I am always prepared for the next season when it comes to fashion trends. I think my answer to all the questions are yes, yes, yes!