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Women Of Influence: Fashion Designers Who Dress Professionals |
Last weekend, I did some TV binge-watching in order to finish Season 2 of Netflix’s, House of Cards.

I promise not to give away any secrets!

But I just have to share with you two resounding thoughts that I couldn’t shake, no matter how much the plot thickened…

First, the tailoring on Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) and all the female characters’ career clothes was impeccable. And, second, where in the world did the show’s costume stylist find all those sheath dresses with sleeves?!

Without question, each garment/outfit cost thousands of dollars and was custom fit. Darn, only in the movies, right?!

Hold on! Maybe not…

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Want To Look Rich, Happy, & Hot

Well, like me, you would probably prefer to BE Rich, Happy & Hot.

Two ladies who are taking the internet marketing space by storm and rockin’ it are online mavericks, Marie Forleo (above, left) and Laura Roeder (above, right). If you don’t know who they are yet, you should definitely check them out. They are not only educating us gals on very dynamic ways to evolve and promote our businesses online, but they are also actively living their business message. Both Marie and Laura really are rich, happy and hot!

In addition to their smart and jam-packed business guides designed to make us rich at the same time as they are happily fulfilling their mission to make our dreams come true, we can see how Marie and Laura dynamically show they mean business. We want to look hot too, right?!

It is quite evident both Marie and Laura take dressing for success seriously. Through their popular promotional videos, educational seminars, and other business endeavors, they give their audience a multi-sensory experience that attracts and keeps our attention! Without-a-doubt they understand that if you look hot, we are more inclined to listen to them.

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Here’s A Quick Way To Highlight Your Face On Camera

Want to defy those outdated on-camera style rules? Check out these screen shots from media mogul Arianna Huffington’s recent on-air interviews. We know she is a smart gal, but she sure has been making some smart style choices to boot.

Myth Exposed

Clearly, we do not always have to wear a scoop neck or v-neck top accessorized with a matching pendant necklace to attract and maintain our viewer’s attention. As a contemporary professional woman, Arianna Huffington successfully demonstrates that we too can break free of this deep-rooted media style myth.

What works?

Ms. Huffington has oh-so cleverly let the clothes do most of the work for her. She has kept her overall look from the waist up uncomplicated, yet it is still flattering, sophisticated, and interesting. Visual distractions have been omitted. Jewelry and makeup choices are wisely geared towards supporting the all-out style efforts of her crewneck tops. Our attention is completely on her, and, subsequently, on her message. This is a prime example of how to use clothes as a tool in business. Okay, what else can we learn from Arianna that we can apply to on-air conversations via television, video or Skype?

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Madeleine Albright: The Power Of The Pin

Madeleine AlbrightMSN – John Bigelow Taylor

Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, just turned 73 years old this past weekend. Wow! She has had such a fascinating life! To commemorate the occasion, MSN ran a story highlighting her book, Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box that was published last year. In the book, Albright discusses her heartfelt passion for pins and brooches, but even more interesting are the numerous stories she shares about the frequent strategic approach she took when deciding which pin from her 300+ collection to wear to certain events while in political office. On good days she wore flowers, balloons and butterflies and on bad days, she wore spiders and bugs.

It all started when she chose to wear a snake pin to every meeting with Iraqi officials in response to Saddam Hussein referring to her as “an unparalleled serpent”. To support and reinforce her strong words, she also wanted to send an unspoken message that she meant business.

Dr. Albright is doing exactly what yours truly has been preaching for the last year and a half – visual wardrobe presentation as a message really does count! Our unspoken method for communicating that we mean business may be different than wearing various pins; although I must say, she looks absolutely stunning in green, as well! Yet, clearly this was an enjoyable and effective tactic for her and a great reminder for us to leave no ploy behind to reiterate and reinforce our business messages.

Check out a wonderful interview Katie Couric did with Madeleine Albright on the subject and find out why she doesn’t like to call them brooches.

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