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Discover How To Dress Your Body Type (Once & For All!) |

Do you have a boss, co-worker, or BFF whose style you admire and wonder how she does it?!

A surefire way to becoming an instant corporate fashionista is to understand how to dress your body type. There are five basic body types: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, oval, and rectangle. (Note: I am choosing to reference geometric shapes for consistency purposes, but feel free to use common fruit names or otherwise.) You and I, both have some variation of one of these common body types, regardless of weight or height.

It is easy to feel some style anxiety when it comes to dressing your body type, especially when you start factoring into the equation all of the wonderful (yet fashion challenged!) parts that make our bodies so unique, such as different shaped and length torsos, busts, arms, shoulders, legs, derrières…the list goes on and on.

Today, let’s simplify the process and focus on the bigger picture, by learning the science behind dressing your general body type – measuring from your bustline to your hips. It is the crux to great style.

Here is a style guide to dressing your body type I’ve created for you, to use as reference, so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, like you’re trying to fit a ‘square peg in a round hole’, and instead learn how to play up your shape & flatter your figure, once and for all:

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Workwear: 33 Looks To Rev Up Your Winter Wardrobe |

I’m betting you acquired a few new clothing and accessory pieces over the holidays, whether they were gifted or you practiced, what I like to call, GOBO – gift one; buy one for yourself. Or, maybe you’ve recently been taking advantage of all the end-of-season sales that are just too good to pass up!

Interested in finding new ways to revitalize your winter style and incorporate these trends into your everyday work wardrobe?

I know you’re busy tackling the New Year, so I’ve gone ahead and curated a huge collection of 3 types of inspiring looks for you to wear to work: conservative, creative, and casual – all styled by some of the best personal style bloggers to use as a resource guide for the rest of the winter season.

Let’s discover why you don’t need to sacrifice style at the office…

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I’ll admit it…I’m busty. My bosoms are not as big as some, but they’re certainly bigger than others. Sometimes they’ve been a blessing and sometimes a curse. Honestly, I am just grateful my girls are healthy!

Can you relate?

So I get it! Large breasts can be a challenge to dress, especially on the job where your goal is to appear competent and feel confident.

For so many years we’ve been told big breasts spell trouble and many of us have grown to feel shame around a substantial bustline, but I for one, promote being proud of the body you are blessed with, so my approach is to package it with pride!

In terms of the science part of fashion, your main objective is to create overall body proportion and the most effective way to do this when you’re well endowed is to redirect viewer’s eyes to other parts of your body. It’s all about controlling where the ‘eye’ goes.

Above are some of my top tips and tricks for you to easily maximize your style. Lots of options!

Are there other anatomical challenges you would like specific tips and tricks on dressing?

Image credit, left to right: ROW 1: Halogen V-Neck Cardigan $79 $47.40, more colors available // Halogen V-Neck Cashmere Sweater $79, more colors available // Trouvé Geo Knit Sweater $88 // ROW 2: Amber Sun Stripe Tee $49, more colors available // Vince Camuto Disco Stud Trim Blouse $99 // Pleione Peplum Blouse $58 // ROW 3: Equipment Cashmere Cardigan $338 and ‘Signature’ Silk Shirt $208, more colors available // Pleione Tie-Neck Blouse $58 // French Connection USA Paint Splash Dress $128 // ROW 4: Diane von Furstenberg Hayden Blouse $345 // Topshop Studded Cardigan $96 // BOSS Black Darida Dress $595 // ROW 5: Ted Baker London Neyoya Jacket $385 // Vince Camuto One-Button Blazer $150, more colors available. // All are available at Nordstrom. Thanks to Nordstrom for the great selection. Nope, I’m not affiliated with the company (at least not yet ;))they just had best options to reiterate my tips & tricks!


Have you ever heard the saying, “Every woman must own a little black dress (aka. LBD)”?

It’s a myth!

Break free from the crowd.

Sure, it’s a good idea to own at least one dress and, of course, it should flatter your figure, but the true key to its success has more to do with the dress silhouette than its color.

I highly recommend opting for a sheath dress as a wardrobe staple. The color is your choice!

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