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Mogul Must-Haves: Vrai & Oro Black Friday Special |

Here’s a sneak peek at Vrai & Oro’s exclusive design, 100% Recycled Black Diamond Earrings, for Black Friday.

It’s no secret; Vrai & Oro is one of my all-time favorite companies. Founders Vanessa Stofenmacher and Chelsea Nicholson go to great lengths to create high-quality, modern, classic fine jewelry designs that we’ll want to wear with confidence everyday – without the traditional pricing markups. Plus! Many designs are available in 14K yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

The limited edition they’ll be releasing will be a pair of black diamond earrings where the diamonds will be inverted, set in a simple 14k solid gold prong setting. They’re delicate, but with an edge. “The best part is we are using all recycled diamonds to promote minimizing the wasteful consumption traditionally associated with Black Friday”, says Nicholson.

Perfect holiday gift for someone special (or for yourself)!

“We believe in transparency, therefore we never inflate our prices in order to discount. Instead, we created an exclusive design only available Black Friday – Cyber Monday”, says Stofenmacher. Price will be $125.

For more on Vrai & Oro, check out my Forbes interview with founders.

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5 Must-See Careerwear Designers |

I must confess it always astonishes me how challenging it is to find ideal careerwear appropriate for corporate, creative, and (yes!) even casual work environments.

In stores and online, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. When I do finally find a piece with potential, it seems a setback is not far behind. Someone in my circle of professionals already owns it or I’m tugging at it because its silhouette is too revealing or unflattering, the only color options are basic black or ultra bright, the fabric is awkwardly sheer or uncomfortable, and the price, relative to quality, is often perplexingly high. Ultimately, I feel pressured to make some concession to make a piece work for work, but it never feels quite right enough for me to feel carefree, competent and dynamic in it.

Good news!

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