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Wear To Work: Spring’s Top Trends |

Be gone, polar vortex.

It’s time for sunny skies, warm weather, and a fresh spring look.

One of the easiest ways to make this seasonal style transition is to begin incorporating simply one spring-theme piece into your work and weekend outfits. You’re welcome to add more as weather permits.

And what better way to jumpstart the process, then by wearing one of spring’s hottest new fashion trends.

Of course, not every trend will be work appropriate. But! There are plenty that do work for work. The trick is to opt for a moderate take on the trend without omitting its very essence. Adjust accordingly to your specific taste, as well as whether you have a conservative, creative or casual work environment.

Here’s some of spring’s top trends to get you started today:

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Women Of Influence: Fashion Designers Who Dress Professionals |
Last weekend, I did some TV binge-watching in order to finish Season 2 of Netflix’s, House of Cards.

I promise not to give away any secrets!

But I just have to share with you two resounding thoughts that I couldn’t shake, no matter how much the plot thickened…

First, the tailoring on Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) and all the female characters’ career clothes was impeccable. And, second, where in the world did the show’s costume stylist find all those sheath dresses with sleeves?!

Without question, each garment/outfit cost thousands of dollars and was custom fit. Darn, only in the movies, right?!

Hold on! Maybe not…

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Workwear: 33 Looks To Rev Up Your Winter Wardrobe |

I’m betting you acquired a few new clothing and accessory pieces over the holidays, whether they were gifted or you practiced, what I like to call, GOBO – gift one; buy one for yourself. Or, maybe you’ve recently been taking advantage of all the end-of-season sales that are just too good to pass up!

Interested in finding new ways to revitalize your winter style and incorporate these trends into your everyday work wardrobe?

I know you’re busy tackling the New Year, so I’ve gone ahead and curated a huge collection of 3 types of inspiring looks for you to wear to work: conservative, creative, and casual – all styled by some of the best personal style bloggers to use as a resource guide for the rest of the winter season.

Let’s discover why you don’t need to sacrifice style at the office…

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Work Chic: 25 Winter Office-Worthy Outfits |

I always feel more confident when I know ahead of time what I’m going to wear.

You too?

Whether it’s during the work week or for an upcoming special business engagement, I’ve found planning ahead pays off. It’s all about being your best self…and my best self prefers to jumpstart the day or event feeling frazzled-free (at least as much as humanly possible!).

It’s easier if you let yourself be on the lookout for style inspiration. You’ll be able to quickly put together your work outfits the night before or at lightening speed in the morning. Whether it’s your co-worker, a woman you notice during your lunch break, a dear friend you spent time with over the weekend, magazines, blogs, wherever you can find style inspiration…it’s a good thing. When you’re visually inspired, I highly recommend you immediately take mental or digital style notes for easy reference.

I know you’re super busy, so I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of wintry work outfits guaranteed to boost your career style confidence for you. These outfit ideas will have you looking chic and cozy all season long. Of course, you definitely may need to tweak some depending upon your specific work environment and responsibilities.

Take your winter career style to the next level, let the inspiration begin…

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