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Office Party: Your Fool-Proof Guide to Holiday Style | CorporateFashionista.com

Ready or not, the holidays are here.

‘Tis the season to party!

You’ve got friends and family parties to attend; perhaps you’re even throwing a holiday shindig yourself. Of course, your work office is likely planning some sort of get together too – it could be fancy schmancy or a low-key luncheon – either way you’re going to want to show some flare and have fun with your party outfit.

What you wear can certainly help you get in the celebratory mood even when you’re exhausted from trying to attend to your mile long to-do list this fantastical time of year.

Planning ahead is your golden ticket to enjoying the holiday season to its fullest. Let’s get your party outfits checked off today. Here’s how:

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Top 10 Trends For Spring

March 27, 2013

I love springtime!

The cheerful colors, the fragrant scents and, of course, the warm weather…no wonder everyone’s got a sunny disposition.

It’s a great time for fashion too.

This spring/summer season is no exception.

The overall focus is a fresh take on classic patterns, prints and colors and less on new shapes.

The challenge for us becomes how to interpret new trends for our everyday life, especially work activities. Hint: the tried-and-true trick is to opt for a conservative take on the trend without omitting its very essence. But we’ll delve more into that in upcoming articles.

For now, I wanted to share with you a quick overview of my top ten trends list for this current spring/summer season:

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As you already know, I am a firm believer in using fashion as an effective business tool.

Your next networking event is a great opportunity for you to put my philosophy into practice.


Because I know you will instantly get results! Plus, whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve probably already been putting it into practice.

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Job interviews can be super stressful!

After much practice, you’ve mastered your key selling points and pinpointed multiple ways your talents can add value to the company. Your salary negotiating skills are topnotch, you’ve got an impressive firm handshake, your eye contact is serious yet personable, your smile is genuine and, without a doubt, you understand the importance of career appropriate attire.

But once you’re in the interview room, are there any additional tools to keep the interviewers attention on you and what you are saying?


It seems everyone suffers from a little bit of attention-deficit-disorder these days, so a great way to grab and maintain the interviewer’s attention on you is to use visuals to your best advantage.

Here’s where one of my interview style tricks-of-the-trade comes in handy…

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