The Boardroom: Stylish ‘Smart’ Jewelry, Workwear Simplified + More |

We’re switching things up in CF’s The Boardroom this week to highlight breaking news & updates on designers & founders I’ve exclusively interviewed for FORBES. All are on a mission to support career women.

  • Ringly, a leader in the wearable tech space, recently, announced an expansion to its product line to now include ‘smart’ bracelets. Fusing fashion and function for women continues to be at the forefront for the growing company. “It is our belief that your jewelry should not only be beautiful, but also smart,” says Ringly Founder & CEO Christina Mercando d’Avignon. Discover elegant designs integrated with the same high-tech features as Ringly rings, so you can keep discreetly updated on incoming phone calls, messages, emails, and 100+ apps while on-the-go. The new Aries bracelets also have a convenient, built-in step-tracking feature. Four different bracelet styles ($195) crafted with hand-cut, semi-precious gemstones are available for pre-order now and are expected to ship in late July.
  • Remember when the Obama’s hosted a State Dinner for new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a short time ago – the visit marks the first official state visit from a CPM in nearly 20 years? Well, Zvelle shoe designer Elle Ayoubzadeh had the opportunity to create custom shoes for Canada’s First Lady Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau for the event seen here and here. “It was a big honour for us to be asked,” says Canadian-based Ayoubzadeh. Zvelle’s dedication and commitment to provide stylish, comfortable career women’s shoes at accessible prices are paying off globally. Certainly an exciting moment for a fashion startup (or any brand for that matter)!
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How To Buy A Trench Coat

March 6, 2013

“Trench coats are a basic wardrobe staple every woman should have in her outerwear closet!” I exclaim to all of my clients.

Grab your trench coat while you’re running out the door to work or with jeans and a tee on the weekends, or even throw it over your sweatpants for a late night trip to the grocery store…your style chic-i-ness will prevail each time with the perfect trench.

If you’re looking for the wellspring of trench coat inspiration, you’ve got to check out Burberry’s, The Art of The Trench. You can even join in and upload your own photograph.

No matter if it’s Burberry or Banana Republic, here are five crucial features to finding your best trench coat:

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I go crazy for color…especially in the Fall!

Neutrals, jewel tones…it doesn’t matter…each enhance my outfits and greatly affect my mood. Do you feel the same way?

In order to use color to its best advantage this season and get some great ideas on what’s fresh and new and will feel super duper good wearing, let’s get some inspiration from some of the best personal style and street style fashion bloggers.

Burgundy + beige, black + blue, camel + red, hunter green + cobalt, brown + gold, gray + tan + purple, spice + black…Oh, my! There are some innovative combinations that I certainly can’t wait to try.

By the way, I had a terrible time editing this collection for you, because there are just so many exciting interpretations this season.

No matter if you choose to mix-n-match separates or prints for your work and weekend outfits…the objective is to have fun with color!

Which color combos inspire you the most?

Image credit, clockwise from top left: courtesy of Anh from 9to5chic // Krystal from This Time Tomorrow // Caroline for Stockholm Streetstyle // Phil Oh for // Helena from Brooklyn Blonde // The Locals // Wearabout in New Dehli via // Andy from Style Scrapbook // Phil Oh for // Style in Wonderland // Folake Kuye Huntoon from Style Pantry // Lucy from Lovely by Lucy.


Glamour without paying the price?! Is it even possible to find stylish shoes without pain?

Yes, it is!

We don’t have to be Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw, running down the streets of Manhattan in 5-inch stilettos to pull off great style.

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