Closets – Out With The Old, In With What Works!

November 2, 2010

Closets – Out With The Old, In With What Works!

Christian Boltanski’s No Man’s Land

Let’s set ourselves free – finally! Let’s commit to ridding our closets, drawers and, even our underbed nooks and crannies, of all those clothes and accessories that, no matter how we tweak them, do not add value to our lives. I promise, there will be few regrets, if any. And if there is any remorse after the purge, we will get over it.

Have you noticed that when we have an excess of anything, it loses its value in our minds, and it becomes just stuff? Where is that raspberry ruffled blouse that makes us feel so beautiful every time we wear it? Or, can we even find the jaw-dropping, on-trend satchel handbag we were confident was a wise purchase and which, by the way, still accurately reinforces our professional image?

Stuff also adds unnecessary stress to our already stressful lives. When we don’t know which pieces we actually have in our closets, it certainly makes it more challenging to quickly assemble outfits that make us feel great and look great. Why add any more difficulty to our already hectic lives? We should expect our clothes to inspire us and to truthfully represent us…and be quick about it! A jam packed closet and over-stuffed drawers block the joy, creativity and necessity to look and feel our best.

For those of us that haven’t gotten around to it yet, let’s get started before the crazy holiday season begins. This is a splendid time to whip those closets into shape so that they work for and not against us!

Besides, especially in this economy, there are many people who could really use our stuff. Wouldn’t it feel good to add value to someone else’s life at the same time as we are enhancing ours? Clothes are supposed to make us feel more confident, and hoarding is not a confident act, but sharing…well, that changes everything.

So bottom line, we can liberate our physical space and our mental congestion, and open our hearts to ourselves and others when we take control and eliminate the stuff that no longer does or never did represent our energy, our intrinsic beauty, and our strength of character. A wardrobe clean-up is the perfect place to begin. I guarantee you won’t look back! Ready…set…let’s go!

For more specific how-to tips on purging and closet organizing methods, check out this article.

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