Corporate Fashionista’s Philosophy

Welcome to – a Blog that helps professional women communicate purpose through fashion.

Our Philosophy

Corporate Fashionista is a fashion blog dedicated to the professional woman. Whether she is running the company or working her way up the corporate ladder, traveling the globe or working on her laptop at home – all working women are welcome.

It is a New World! Technology has led to an explosion of visual media. Businesses and professions are wisely adapting to these varied platforms. We are all so visible whether we are ready or not!

Where you once talked one-on-one, radiating your passion and enthusiasm for your project or service, you now have the opportunity to communicate that same energy to multitudes via Webinars, YouTube, Skype, television, and even social media platforms. Your physical presentation is now a valuable tool that visually conveys your purpose and warms your viewer to your message.

Our Commitment

How can our dress empower us and, at the same time, communicate our enthusiasm and passion for our project? Corporate Fashionista’s primary commitment is use fashion and style to enhance a sense of self. In that spirit, we intend to share fashion tips, tricks, and resources with you.

Our Goal

It is a visual world and the way we present ourselves is the first piece of information shared. But, behind the visual is substance. Our goal at Corporate Fashionista is to help reveal and reflect the substance of who we are and what we stand for through what we wear and how we wear it. We firmly believe that good style is both fashionable and functional. Fashion is no longer a guilty pleasure – it is a very powerful business tool!

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