Create Your Own Fireworks

June 24, 2010

Photo by EpicFireworks

Are you ready to have some fun? The Fourth of July celebratory weekend is just around the corner! It’s a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the office and enjoy time with friends and family.

Of course, we want to be fashionably prepared for the long weekend too. I am usually not a fan of cliché holiday dressing because it often appears too contrived, “matchy-matchy” and cutesy for my taste.

Festive accessories are a winning way to override these style traps and still have our holiday attire fun to wear for the occasion.

Vanport Outfitters – Frederick Grubmeyer Tote – Le Train Bleu
Vanport Outfitters – Laurent Suavé Beach Sling Bag – Le Train Bleu (L-R)

I couldn’t wait to share with you these delightful well-crafted red, white and blue canvas robe bags designed by a company based in Oregon, VanPort Outfitters. The Frederick Grubmeyer Tote and the Laurent Suavé Beach Sling Bag have the perfect look for this holiday, but, more importantly, each bag will truly support us in so many ways over the weekend.

We will be able to easily stash all of our necessities and take it straight from the community parade to the beach to the neighborhood barbeque and end with our head resting on it while lying on the grass looking up at the fireworks. Ah, time to finally relax!

Even better is that there is no reason we could not continue to use them throughout the summer. Terrific versatile and festive bags!

Jessica Ogden X F-Troupe – Indigo Crisscross Wedge – La Garçonne
Jessica Ogden X F-Troupe – Red Crisscross Wedge – La Garçonne

The next accessory I was undeniably looking forward to sharing with you are these fantastic wedge F-Troupe sandals.

Indigo blue striped criss-cross canvas straps are just right for the occasion. They come in red too!

An attractive comfort feature to the Jessica Ogden X style is that the platform section of the shoe is almost level with the wedge heel, so it is almost like we will be walking in flats. Plus, the suede insole will reduce foot slippage in the heat. This will allow us an unbeatable combo…to look great while remaining confidently active throughout each day.

We are all set to confidently attend each event wearing our own holiday inspired S-P-A-R-K-L-E-R-S!

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