Do You LOOK Like a Good Investment?

September 23, 2008

Peter Som – F08 – Style – Marcio Madeira

There is no denying it the United State’s economy is a mess right now! Nevertheless, what we truly can’t afford is to hang on to the accompanying doom and gloom. Accordingly, it is more important than ever to put your best foot forward in the marketplace. In order to authentically and effectively sell your talent, ideas, products or services today you must sell yourself first. Prospective employers, current bosses, venture capitalists, loan officers, clients, customers, the media and many others will be looking to see if you look like a good investment.

Attributes that make a good financial investment tend to be those that have favorable long-term benefits. An auspicious reputation, minimal risk requirements and respectable returns (ROI) are common traits. In addition to your talents, qualifications and financial stats; another rabbit to pull out of your hat is the magic of having your personal presentation instantly and authentically showcase these traits as well.

This is the perfect time for investment dressing! Our confidence rises when we make wise investment choices in our lives. In turn, our confidence radiates, always attractive to others. This will help us stay on top of our game, ahead of the curve and invite new opportunities.

Another reason this is the perfect time for investment dressing is due to the fact that a number of designers have created an astounding assortment of noteworthy basics in classic designs this year and stores have followed suit by stocking up on them. This is absolutely ideal for the consummate professional. This season there is a vast selection to choose from for all shapes, sizes, tastes and budgets to build or add to a wardrobe that actually works for you and your individual lifestyle as brilliantly demonstrated by designer Peter Som (see above). Plus the stores want to sell this merchandise so steals and deals will be plentiful!

Here are 9 key questions to ask yourself prior to making your next purchase:

Does it fit properly?
Is it flattering?
Is it appropriate?
Do you love it?
Is it comfortable?
Is it durable?
Where specifically will it add value?
Is it worth the price per wear?
Does everyone else have it?

These tough times are really an opportunity for buyers to thoroughly think before they buy. To not just go for the quick fix anymore. Less really can be more!!! You can repeat an outfit. It really is OK and it can still be fun because you feel good in what you’re wearing, you know you’ve invested your money wisely and it SHOWS!

Another note is to try to incorporate some color in your choices. History shows that during economic downturns many people turn to wearing solely dark and drab colors. Be careful not to get caught up in it. Color not only can affect your mood but the mood of those around you as well. So get some good staple pieces in neutral hues but don’t forget to give a visual lift to your outfit. Of course, as always, make an effort to keep up with your personal grooming. It is extremely important to not only maintain a fresh, flattering and modern look with your hair, makeup, nails, skin and so forth but to also keep them healthy. This is essential to completing a cohesive and memorable look. Remember your personal presentation when done well can be another powerful and dynamic marketing tool.

To make this happen and to invest in yourself doesn’t mean you have to hurt your bank account. Do the research, create a budget and make strategic purchases to keep you looking sharp and ahead of the pack, so as to instantaneously showcase and highlight your talents, skills, ambitions and professional goals. And although times are tough right now, this really is an opportune time to build a reliable wardrobe that not only makes you feel empowered but immediately and authentically exudes confidence to others. Now that’s a ROI!

Do you feel the way you present yourself at work is relevant? Were you aware that oftentimes working with a personal style consultant can actually save you money by efficiently building an authentic, appropriate and reliable wardrobe rather than a closet full of ‘now, why did I buy this’ or ‘what can I wear with this’ or ‘I have nothing to wear’ rhetoric?

I encourage all of my readers to feel free to post replies and/or helpful suggestions to this article and/or any other previous posts.

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  • Kristina,
    I love Peter Som! I want the outfit on the right, the whole thing.
    You really have an eye for the good stuff! Thanks for this post, what you say is so true..

  • Love your website and all the fantastic information. Lots of helpful information and easy to read. Excellent! Look forward to seeing more.