Everything You Need To Know About Decoding Fall’s Hottest Color Combos

September 28, 2011

Are you ready to add some liveliness to your fall/winter wardrobe?!

Luckily, summer’s daring color combos continue this season with new, gorgeous, eye-popping hues. Vibrant color is an instant mood lifter – for you and for everyone around you. It is energizing; it is inviting, so it is only logical you should be wearing color to the office! When you present a contemporary appearance, your ideas are perceived to be forward-thinking before you even share them. This synergy reinforces your actual progressive, modern message. Color trends this season are such a wonderful opportunity for you to visually display your dynamism, so play with color…experiment…and have some fun!

The tricks to dressing in brilliant colors are each tone must flatter you, each garment’s design must be sleek, current and well-fitted, and each color combo must be successful.

If your work environment or your personal tastes limit use of bold color, you can simply incorporate small doses through accents in your clothing or accessories and pair with neutral colors.

I’ve put together the fall edition of CF’s Color Compatibility Charts for you as a reference guide, so you don’t have to think about which colors go well with each other this season. This way you’ll have even more time to hone and share your own expertise and leave the fashion stuff to me! There are a total of four charts. Each one showcases one of fall’s hottest colors and then presents a handful of my favorite color pairings inspired from the runway.

*Note: Slideshow displays full-size images. To open image gallery, select a thumbnail image above. To exit image gallery, click directly on current image displayed.

Have I stirred your interest in playing with color this season? Which color combos do you dare to wear?

Image credits, runway fall 2011 rtw via Style.com: Top, Max Azria, Alessandro Viero, GoRunway.com; Mulberry, Yannis Vlamos, GoRunway.com; Gucci, Monica Feudi, Feudiguaineri.com; Etro, Jonathan Saunders and Burberry Prorsum, Yannis Vlamos, GoRunway.com. Black, Chloé, Marcus Tondo, GoRunway.com. Blue, Thakoon, Alessandro Garofolo, GoRunway.com. Red, Diane von Furstenberg, Alessandro Viero, GoRunway.com. Brown, Celine, Monica Feudi, Feudiguaineri.com.

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  • Anonymous

    I just saw a girl today with royal blue pants on with a lipstick red shirt on.  I thought to myself how did she do that?  I tend to keep wearing white and black, and at times am afraid of color, or lack the creative background to pull off color combos so this is perfect for me.  How wonderful for you to share this with us.  I am off to add some more color to my life! Thank you! 

  • Corporate Fashionista

    Wasslaweekly – That’s fantastic news! I am so happy to hear you’ve found my Color Compatibility Charts to be of help to you. Color is a beautiful thing…especially when shared with others, just like you experienced with the girl with the blue pants. Keep it up, girl! 😉

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  • I have a tendency to wear too much black and not enough color. I really like this color chart you put together; it is very useful and will challenge me to bold with color this season.

    -Cassaundra Bourne

  • Corporate Fashionista

    Just go for it, Cassaundra! You’ll look fantastic!

  • I cannot do black with brown. Sorry.

  • adastra

    I feel that way about navy and black. Too close together. Looks like you got dressed in the dark.

  • Hanh

    Please add green and gray? Thank you in advance. BTW, this is really helpful!