Fantastically Fresh Fall Fashions

September 7, 2010

Starting to crave wearing multiple layers of clothing? Sure, we layer some of our clothes throughout the year (of course, it’s functional and fashionable to do so!), but when the cold weather kicks in, we certainly rely on thicker, protective, hassle-free layers to keep us warm and cozy. When there is a cool, refreshing brisk in the air, undoubtedly the fall season is on its way.

In addition to comfort and style, there is something emotionally reassuring about bundling up during the cooler seasons too – perhaps it’s an instinctual form of human hibernation – just like a good cup of hot cocoa, it feels warm and soothing. Whatever it is…I have my eye on a few fall/winter trends for us that will keep us physically comfy yet stylistically fashion-forward. Let’s jump right in, shall we?:


Diane von Furstenberg – Viletta Cardigan Sweater – Net-A-Porter – $645

First thing I am snatching up is a chunky sweater. Mine must not be bulky; otherwise, it will overpower my height challenged frame. Plus, I want to be able to move around with ease. It must be versatile, so that I can wear it with multiple outfits to a variety of functions. A cardigan works best for me, in this case. Of course, it must be well constructed with extra soft durable yarn because what’s the point if it is not comfortable and long-lasting? And my chunky sweater must be on trend this season. With an eye toward next season too. After all, my dollars and fashion sense must go the distance.

J’adore this Diane von Furstenberg chunky knit belted cardigan sweater. The color gray is not only a hot trend this season, but gray is a staple color in my wardrobe as I am sure it is in yours too. The chain trim is my favorite design element. I love the fusion of classic design with a slight edge. Way to go Miss DvF!

There are tons of chunky sweaters in the current marketplace in a variety of styles and price points. Let’s stay on trend and mark one off of our ‘most-wanted’ list today.


Vivienne Westwood Anglomania – Drape Jersey Dress – Net-A-Porter – $375

Speaking of Diane von Furstenberg, designer extraordinaire – the woman who put the now infamous wrap dress on the map in the 1970’s, and then brilliantly reinvigorated this dress style in more recent years – well, jersey dresses are back! And in full force again this season. However, this go around, draping details are the key update.

Proudly, stores are fully stocked! From sexy micro mini jersey dresses to those with more conservative 1940’s mid-calf hem lengths, the design selection is plentiful. Wonderfully, the choice is ours to make!

I am really drawn to this versatile draped jersey knit dress designed by Vivienne Westwood. I figure, why not let the dress do most of the work for me? And this dress certainly does that. It drapes in all the right places. Plus, the fabric is hassle free. Woohoo! All I need to do is change up the accessories to wear it from a business day meeting to a night out with the girls. Thank you for thinking of us busy ladies, Ms. Westwood!


Charles David – Rigorous Lace-Up Boots – Shopbop – $445

One of the best things about winter fashion is that we get to pull out and dust off our favorite boots! This year, I plan to add to my collection a pair of lace-up boots. Luckily, there are so many different options for us within this hot new trend category. Whether we prefer flats or heels, peep-toes or closed-toed, ankle, mid-calf, knee-high or thigh-high; the selection of lace-up boots is vast. Themes include sporty to special occasion with innovative rugged lug soles to mile-high ornate platforms. Yes to all, please!

With so many options available, it is really important to decide which style fits best into our lives. We all need a versatile pair of boots and this charming leather pair designed by Charles David does the trick! They are perfect for weekend activities and will fit into any casual work environment, too. The knee-high design feature allows us to easily tuck in our pants as another style option, if we so choose, as well as wear them with a skirt. These lace-up boots are available in the timeless and go with everything’ colors of black and brown. Plus, the rubber sole and thick heel ensures consistent comfort and safety for us on those cold, slippery winter days. Well, the jury’s out and it’s clear that my other boots need to move over and make room on the shelf for these beauties! Sold!

What’s on your most-wanted list this season? I would love to hear about a favorite piece of clothing that you turn to when it’s cold outside, plus any of your thoughts about the new Fall trends as always!

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