Fashion Crush: Heidi Merrick Griffith Pants

October 19, 2010

Fashion Crush: Heidi Merrick Griffith Pants

Photo courtesy of Heidi Merrick

I had the fashion doldrums the other day until I came across LA fashion and home accessories designer, Heidi Merrick’s, stunning patterned Griffith Pant. My heart melts every time I look at them! Exquisitely and intricately embroidered gold sequins…soft black jersey knit…and side slit pockets. What more could a girl ask for? Comfort, style and glam all rolled into one piece. Perfect for an evening out or any upcoming holiday party!

In lieu of wearing our go-to black dress with a standard statement necklace, this year let’s try a pair of statement pants. Heidi’s contemporary design construction and modern pattern are ideal.

Add a simple classic crew neck or v-neck long-sleeve waist-length sweater with them. Push up the sleeves, tuck a portion of the front of the sweater in the pants while keeping the backside loose/out, throw on your classic pair of black pumps or flats, add some shimmery stud earrings, a simple single gold charm necklace, layer on a few dainty thin gold mixed chain bracelets, and a small crossover bag or clutch then we’re good to go!

Another style twist is instead of the black sweater, throw on a black boyfriend blazer over the white tank as shown with these mesmerizing trouser pants, push up the sleeves and we’re all set. Both style options allow for the other pieces in our outfit to enhance the beauty of the pants and let them make a clear statement, yet still encourage observers to be drawn to our friendly face. We and the pants are working together to make a unified glorious style statement.

That’s what I love about fashion! It can spark our creativity, lift our moods, and help us celebrate life joyfully.

Thank you Heidi Merrick for the outfit inspiration! Casual chic at its finest! Without a doubt, we’re sure to feel good and stand out with style now!

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  • Love the pants and the ideas for putting outfits together with them.

    Went on the site and was surprised to see that she suggested wearing them with a blue striped shirt…..yikes!

    (I like your ideas MUCH better!).

    Thanks for your great bl0g.

  • Kristina Moore

    Great news! Happy to hear that you liked the pants and my style suggestions! Design house lookbooks, runway shows, exhibits, ads, cover shots and mag layouts, etcetera are all forms of marketing and advertising, so they must quickly grab our attention. Sequins + Stripes do that. Now, there has been a mental stamp (if you will) in our brains that this designer carries both sequin pants and striped tops in general. And we are more likely to remember this when we are on the lookout for these types of pieces to add to our wardrobe.