Fashion Tip: Hemlines Basics 101 – The Trouser Pant

October 18, 2010

Fashion Tip: Hemlines Basics 101 – The Trouser Pant

Gap – F10 – Style

No matter how long our legs are naturally, we always want them to appear longer and leaner. Right, girls?!

Whether we choose to wear heels or flats, the optimum length to wear classic straight, full/wide or slightly flared trouser pants is no shorter than one-half inches above the ground.

This region will encourage only a slight break on the front of the pant leg, yet still restrict the amount of heel revealed. Don’t worry! Our gorgeous shoes will still be exposed when we walk and/or sit down. To display excess fabric along the front leg or more of the heel along the backside or side view would visually limit a long lean leg line.

To adhere to this desirable hemline spot, a fine tailor can simply hem a pair of trouser pants for those of us with shorter legs or let out and then reinforce the inside of the former hem on a pair for those lucky gals already blessed with extra long gams.

Now, we can all have legs for days!

Note this simple classic clean-lined contemporary outfit styled on Gap’s runway. To coincide with my tip, I, however, would suggest a dress pant hemline that is ever so slightly closer to the ground to make our legs appear even longer and leaner.

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