Fashion Tip: Patterned Hosiery

November 4, 2010

To integrate patterned hosiery into a winter wardrobe is a style plus. This timeless accessory instantly adds dimension and visual interest to an outfit.

Here are three quick tricks to make them appear a success every time:

  • Select a pair that has a beautiful and intriguing design, as well as, a flattering scale to the print/pattern. We don’t want to make our calves and knees appear unnecessarily thick.
  • A surefire style technique is to keep the rest of our look uncomplicated. An entire outfit, including the hosiery, in monochromatic colors, such as, black, gray, or green, is a great solution. Or, keep all of the accessories in one color and the clothes in a complimentary color, such as, red dress with black belt, tights and shoes.
  • Redirect the viewer’s eye back up to the top region of our body. Patterned hosiery makes a valiant declaration in an outfit and we don’t want it to overpower where the viewer’s attention really needs to be, towards our face. A bold red lip, a statement necklace, dramatic earrings, or a waist belt will provide exceptional results.
  • For the ultimate splurge, note these gorgeous intricate black lace patterned tights by Gucci.

    Gucci Python Lace Tights – Neiman Marcus

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