Fashion Tip: Success with Statement Jewelry

November 22, 2010

Fashion Tip: Success with Statement Jewelry

Marie Claire – August 2010 issue

First, it was the bold cocktail ring, then elaborate necklaces came onto the scene, and, now, big gallant earrings are back in full force. Of course, all have a new modern twist! Make no mistake; all statement jewelry continues to be a hot ticket item.

The question arises, which support jewelry to pair with our eye-catching statement pieces? Interested in some jewelry combo tricks of the trade? Here are a few general jewelry guidelines that will keep us on top of the statement trend while prohibiting any over-accessorizing pitfalls:

  • STATEMENT EARRINGS + no necklace + statement/cocktail ring or multi layered bracelets/wide cuff bracelet
  • STATEMENT NECKLACE + small/simple earrings (stud or hoops) + singular simple narrow bracelet or no bracelet(s) at all + statement/cocktail or simple classic ring
  • STATEMENT RING(s) + statement earrings or statement necklace as noted above. Or, multi thin layered necklaces and simple earrings and no bracelets or multi thin layered bracelets and bold or simple earrings

  • The goal is to create overall visual symmetry in our outfit while still making a style statement. This method allows us to showcase any of our new statement making gems, plus ensure we are the main attraction and not solely the goodies we are wearing.

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