A Fierce Fashion Crush

April 7, 2011

Cast your eyes on this fierce piece of jewelry. A bracelet that grabs our attention, yet doesn’t look bulky on our wrist. Well, that’s a great find! This one designed by Tuleste Market instantly caught my eye. Wait, I mean tiger’s eye. Grrr! Its natural stone is supposed to promote patience, focus, and determination in those who dare to wear it. Yes, please!

In the marketplace, I have found many tiger-eye bracelets to be out-dated designs, too thin, or looking cheap. This one is different. It’s special. The width is ideal. It is wide enough to add some visual interest to an outfit, plus it is narrow enough to appear feminine. The tiger-eye stones look lush and sophisticated, yet casual. We could easily layer this bracelet with a watch, other bracelets, or wear it as a stand alone piece.

Spring has sprung (or at least it’s tryin’) and my work wardrobe could sure use an accessory rejuvenation. This bracelet is certainly going to jumpstart the process.

What other statement bracelets have attracted your attention?

Images: Shopbop.com

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