A Guaranteed Way To Get Answers To Your Style Questions

April 28, 2011

ASK. It’s that simple!

Recently, I was reminded of this tried-and-true approach. I was standing in line to make a purchase and a woman in front of me was wearing this amazing shade of nail polish. It was the exact color I had been hoping to find in stores…a bright, bold fuchsia tone. I decided to ask her all of the details and she blushingly gave me answers. The brand was OPI, but she couldn’t remember the specific color name. To my surprise and delight, she graciously accompanied me to the beauty supply store next door. We both got a rush of excitement when we found it. It was the very last bottle of OPI’s Pink Flamenco. My beauty challenge was quickly solved through teamwork. I felt grateful and she felt flattered. Together, we felt instantly connected.

Asking others is a guaranteed way to find answers to many of our beauty and fashion questions. Love a gal’s haircut? Approach her and find out who cuts her hair. Admire a co-workers style? Inquire about her favorite places to shop. Lusting over a party-goer’s gorgeous eye makeup? Find out her application tricks.

I wish I had gotten my new nail polish buddy’s name, but I am sending her good vibes by sharing her generosity and reminding us all we need to do is simply ask.

Top image credit: Backstage at Diane von Furstenberg, Spring 2011 via Style.com/Luca Cannonieri GoRunway.com

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