Here’s A Quick Way To Highlight Your Face On Camera

March 17, 2011

Here’s A Quick Way To Highlight Your Face On Camera

Want to defy those outdated on-camera style rules? Check out these screen shots from media mogul Arianna Huffington’s recent on-air interviews. We know she is a smart gal, but she sure has been making some smart style choices to boot.

Myth Exposed

Clearly, we do not always have to wear a scoop neck or v-neck top accessorized with a matching pendant necklace to attract and maintain our viewer’s attention. As a contemporary professional woman, Arianna Huffington successfully demonstrates that we too can break free of this deep-rooted media style myth.

What works?

Ms. Huffington has oh-so cleverly let the clothes do most of the work for her. She has kept her overall look from the waist up uncomplicated, yet it is still flattering, sophisticated, and interesting. Visual distractions have been omitted. Jewelry and makeup choices are wisely geared towards supporting the all-out style efforts of her crewneck tops. Our attention is completely on her, and, subsequently, on her message. This is a prime example of how to use clothes as a tool in business. Okay, what else can we learn from Arianna that we can apply to on-air conversations via television, video or Skype?

  • The dark red color (photo on the left) undoubtedly enlivens her skin tone and contrasts nicely against the bold blue backdrop for her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In particular, this red/blue color contrast makes HER visually pop and standout on camera rather than blend into the background. She has openly demonstrated one highly effective on-camera style technique.

  • The red sheer square fabric neckline panel on her crewneck blouse is a wonderful contemporary and attractive design detail. More importantly, its placement grabs each viewer’s attention and redirects towards her face. It is quite evident her clothes have become a strategic aid. Ms. Huffington has something to say and she visually indicates she wishes us to listen.

  • The slightly effervescent material (right photo) in the mixed metallic top she wore on Charlie Rose displays a subtle reflective light on camera and, consequently, provides a youthful glow to her skin. This style trick is especially helpful against the prominent black studio background.

  • Arianna’s metallic top has on-trend design features that definitely flatter her. The fitted blouse with its winged shoulder detail can be difficult to wear, but she pulls it off without a hitch. Whether we are aware of it or not, the fact that her top appears modern and fresh draws our visual interest persuading us to hear her out. She appears visually compelling, so we are more inclined to listen to what she has to say.

Follow Arianna’s Lead…

The examples below tell us how. Note each crewneck top has a contemporary design. Most importantly, observe the way in which each crewneck personally flatters the individual drawing our eyes to their faces…grabbing our attention. Perfect strategy for up-close camera shots!

Let’s not forget, we can easily throw on a cardigan or blazer jacket for more coverage following any on-camera appearance in order to comfortably engage in other professional duties.

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For those of you whose duties involve on-camera, Skype, or conferencing appearances, did you find this helpful?

Top Images: To view full video interviews refer to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Charlie Rose

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  • Anonymous

    Fabulous commentary. Really key point you note- how many don’t plan for the background color and imagery on camera. Thanks for the terrific post!