Holiday Jewelry Mixology

December 14, 2011

Jewelry is the best way to take your holiday outfit from special to spectacular!

It is the perfect time of year to pull out all those sparkly baubles you have hiding at the bottom of your jewelry box. It’s an even better time to buy yourself some new bling.

Once you find one perfect piece to style with your party outfit, do you ever wonder which other pieces to wear with it? If so, you are not alone. There is so much jewelry available in the marketplace; it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. There truly are a bazillion jewelry combination possibilities.

I’ve got some quick tricks to success.

When you apply these tips, keep in mind each piece of jewelry must have complimentary design elements. In other words, if you prefer romantic, delicate, ornate pieces, then do not combine with bold, architectural, 70’s inspired pieces or those with a raw, rustic, rocker edge, etcetera.

Also, in the examples below, I showcase gold fashion jewelry. However, these same principles apply to fine jewelry and other metals too.

To make a glam impact rather than a gaudy one, here are my top five holiday jewelry styling tips:


Statement earrings highlight your face. To make sure holiday attendees get a good look at all of you, in your entire outfit that you worked so hard to put together and to create overall body symmetry, you need to attract attention elsewhere. I recommend you combine striking statement earrings with a set of layered bracelets (bangle or otherwise) or a wide cuff bracelet. A bold ring is optional…narrow would work too. A necklace is omitted, because with most outfits it would be too visually overpowering near your face. It’s rare, but a very thin necklace can occasionally work. It simply depends on the outfit.

  1. Theodora & Callum Corfu Earrings $185, available at Shopbop.
  2. Chamak by Priya Kakkar Bead & Crystal Stud Bangles (Set of 4) $68, available at Nordstrom.
  3. Noir Jewelry Wrap Ring $77, available at Shopbop.


A statement necklace captures attention towards your face. It is a large piece of jewelry that makes a huge impact in an outfit. Combine with simple stud or very tiny hoop earrings. Once again, entice viewers to look at your complete outfit by redistributing visual stimuli. In this case, add an interesting bold bracelet. A simple ring adds a nice final touch.

  1. Monet Gold Tone Collar Necklace $58, available at Macy’s.
  2. Nadri Small Pavé Ball Earrings $38, available at Nordstrom.
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Concrete Jungle Resin Laser Bangle $88 $64.99, available at Zappos. Available in more colors.
  4. Max&Chloe Collection V Gold Plated Crystal Ring $56, available at Max&Chloe.


It makes no difference whether your statement bracelet is a cuff, bangle, clasp or wrap style. Its visual impact is the same…to grab attention. The trick is to lure attention back up towards your face. This works best with an eye-catching pair of earrings. A unique ring or a simple, classic ring completes the look.

  1. Nordstrom Diamond Dust Cuff $38, available at Nordstrom. More colors available.
  2. Soo Ihn Kim Pascale Earrings $88, available at Shopbop.
  3. Lauren G. Adams Square Stackable Sea Diamonds Design Ring $53, available at Max&Chloe.


A spirited statement ring pulls attention down towards your hand just like a statement bracelet. Once again, you need to visually redirect.

I demonstrate this trick, below, by adding a colorful pair of earrings. Studs, hoops or a dangling pair of earrings will each work with a statement ring. They can be colorful or have a captivating design. In this example, I added a bold collar style necklace too, but I wouldn’t recommend this style if you choose to wear different earrings.

  1. Coach Ball Chain Cluster Ring $98, available at Macy’s.
  2. Juicy Couture Princess Stud Earrings $48, available at Zappos. More colors available.
  3. Kenneth Jay Lane Multi Row Necklace $95, available at Shopbop.


Both in fine jewelry or fashion jewelry options, classically designed jewelry will never go out of style. It makes a timeless statement. To keep your go-to traditional favorites fresh and modern, make sure each piece is not an identical match. However, they can be from the same collection and have similar features. I find it most visually compelling when the pieces are from different lines and compliment rather than match each other, as demonstrated below.

  1. Giles & Brother Archer Hoops $95, available at Shopbop.
  2. Zina Kao Exclusives Baby Round Pendant Necklace $63, available at Max&Chloe.
  3. Seasonal Whispers Crystal & Metal Bangles (Set of 6) $98, available at Nordstrom. More colors available.
  4. Swarovski Gold Tone Crystal Clear Ring $125, available at Macy’s.

As always, let me know how my jewelry styling tips worked for you. Which one did you go for?

Top image credit, clockwise from top left: Prelit Wreath, available at ChristmasLightsEtc; Kendra Scott Olivia Earrings $100, available at Zappos; Cara Accessories Crystal Spike Frontal Necklace $98, available at Nordstrom; Miriam Haskell Legacy Cuff $330, available at Nordstrom; Marc by Marc Jacobs Love Edge Pavé Star Studs $42, available at Zappos; Bar III Purple Triple Stack Ring $28, available at Macy’s; Chamak by Priya Kakkar Crystal Bangles (Set of 2) $68, available at Nordstrom.

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