Holiday Sweaters That Make You Cheer, Not Cringe

December 12, 2012

Move over cheesy holiday sweaters, this season we’re going for chic!

Normally, I would suggest staying steer clear of overzealous fashions, but this season, designers have come up with more refined versions of the traditional holiday sweater.

They’re casual, comfy and considered cool – ideal for days at the office during the season, holiday shopping excursions, a casual holiday party or even a holiday luncheon. I plan to wear mine on Christmas Day!

Pair with jeans, a pencil skirt or leggings.

We all know fashion is fickle, so I highly recommend not spending too much on this trendy trend (believe me, many are super expensive…so keep your eyes open), because who knows what next holiday season will bring!

But this season, they’re right on trend and they make it super easy to get in the holiday spirit! Here are five of my favorite chic, cost-effective holiday sweaters available in festive designs and fresh color palettes:

  1. Asos Metallic Christmas Sweater, Asos, $61.57
  2. Asos Reindeer Cardigan, Asos, $61.57
  3. H&M Snowflake Sweater, H&M, $34.95
  4. Aqua Star Sweater, Bloomingdales, $188.00 $113.17
  5. Madewell Fair Isle Cardigan, Madewell, $128.00

Tell us fellow corporate fashionistas how you use fashion to get you feeling the spirit of the season?

Top image credit: All graphics by Corporate Fashionista.

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  • Anna Runyan

    Last year, me and my husband wore funny sweaters and it was awesome! I’m thinking of wearing another one this year. I love the #2 and #4…so chic and cute! 🙂

  • Me too…it’s fun! Happy Holidays!