Homage to Sarah Palin?

October 2, 2008

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It feels almost sacrilegious to harp on Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s perhaps the most notable present day female style icon in the United States. Her sense of style is so multifaceted, admirable and authentic to her. Yet her hairstyle for the evening launch of The Sex and the City DVD release party in NYC just a few weeks ago was a trend completely not suitable for her. Was she paying homage to the beehive style that Sarah Palin wears so often? Perhaps it was a throwback to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Due to the timing and amount of coverage on Sarah Palin’s coif, the former seems more likely. If this is the case then Sarah Jessica Parker is a prime example of a woman allowing herself to become a slave to fashion, a description that has plagued women for years. It has had negative connotations and is used when women defer to others in terms of fashion. I am sure Sarah Jessica (nor her hairstylist) had any intention of devaluing her, yet by abandoning her own sense of style and adapting to a fad and one that is questionable at that, this is exactly what happened!

This recent example is a clear reminder that staying current with trends can be fun and plausible as long as they are age-appropriate, flattering, career appropriate and comfortable. SJP is definitely off the hook because she so often does it so right. So, let’s just thank her for reminding us that paying attention to what our personal appearance says about us is relevant and to also make sure that it coincides with what we want it to say about us. In this case, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’!

Have you ever got caught up in a fashion trend that really wasn’t a good look for you?

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  • Hi,
    You know I am pretty careful about getting caught up in trends, so I can’t think of a major faux paus at the moment. But I would like to comment on Sarah Palin and her outfit for the debate. Willie Brown hit it on the head in his column today in the SF Chron when he said that “she looked like someone’s idea of a Washington senator” …I agree except for what looks like her 3 1/2 inch heels, does Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi where 3 1/2 inch heels with their suits?
    Anyway, I think Palin is a fraud – I mean she can’t even answer a question….so it doesn’t make any difference to me what she is wearing….I don’t want to see her in the White House!!!!

  • Thanks for submitting this to us, K. While I didn’t like trimming to 100 words myself, I liked your topic well enough to post an abridged version with our Eyes and Ears. Check out this week’s posts coming out Monday in Huffington Post OffTheBus. -AS