How Do You Know (For Sure) When Something Looks Good On You – Four Telltale Signs

April 3, 2013

Have you ever been in a dressing room excited to try on all the goodies you found, but once you put them on, piece by piece, you’re just not sure you look good in them?

You ask your girlfriend to come out of her dressing room and take a peek at your cobalt blue sheath dress…she loves it! You even get another thumbs up from the store’s sales associate. So you decide to go ahead and get it. Once you’re home you ask your partner what he thinks and he says, “You always look great!” But you’re still not convinced. Now, the magic seems to be dissipating and the more you contemplate the new top, trousers, dress, necklace or pair of boots…the more you question yourself and your style choices.

Sound familiar?!

Don’t worry…you’re not alone in your self-doubt!

I’ve got four telltale signs to share with you, guaranteed to increase your confidence with all your fashion decisions.

Get the proof you need by making sure your new garment or accessory passes this simple Q&A test:

  1. Does it fit? Every part of your new garment or accessory must fit your body properly. Pay special attention to clothing seams and darts, sleeve and pant lengths, shoe size and width, necklace adjustability and bracelet diameter…most pieces should look fitted, but not tight and rest at their anatomically correct areas. Some designs require a slightly loose, relaxed fit; but not sloppy. Use a tailor as necessary.

  2. Does it flatter? It’s crucial that your new top or handbag or pair of earrings or sunglasses, etcetera is proportionate to your body frame and/or facial features. A petite body frame can still opt for an oversized handbag, but the angles in the bag design must support her frame and not visually overwhelm her. It’s also imperative that your new garment create a proportionate silhouette too (ie. an hourglass body shape is almost always ideal, because it’s symmetrical and symmetry is pleasing to the ‘eye’). Other factors to consider are design shape, color tone, pattern size and placement and whether or not your garment or accessory elongates your neckline, limbs and overall body frame. In all cases, stand at a moderate distance from your full-length mirror and look at everything objectively.

  3. Does it function? It goes without saying your buttons must button, zippers must zip, clasps must close and, of course, you must be able to move freely in your new piece, but the new piece must also be versatile, so that it operates well in your wardrobe and into your life. I always recommend trying everything on again when you get home from the store to be certain that your new blouse does actually go great with your red pencil skirt, navy trousers and floral cardigan sweater. All too often when it comes to fashion, theory differs from actuality (ie. style-wise…the blouse should look good with those other pieces, but once you put each complete outfit together something is just not quite right). Do the at-home function test and then trust your aesthetic instincts!

  4. Does it feel good? The true fashion litmus test is whether or not you feel good in your new garment or accessory. What you wear should always boost your confidence! If you feel diminished in any way then your answer is clear…it’s just not the right piece. At this point, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, how you feel overrules. Your new pieces should enliven your complexion, elongate your body, add versatility to your wardrobe and spike your energy…always. Ultimately, fashion is a tool to fuel you. This is especially vital for you as a professional.

I want to hear from you! How do you know when something looks good on you? Do you think these questions will help you with your buying decisions?

Image credit: Emerson Fry. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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  • Rhonda Carla Knights

    Hi, I have the ability to look bold and striking. My taste tend to be more business/official
    look. Sometimes 100% corporate can look a bit too stiff. Hence I soften with a flowing material, like chiffon or silk under a jacket. Because of my bold personality and assertiveness, I may come across intimidating. Simple always helps me.