Interview with Stiletto Hardware’s Kelly Chung + {Giveaway}

July 27, 2011

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you everyone for entering. The winner is Sarah K. Moreland. Please email me.*

Recently, I was sent Stiletto Hardware, a new collection of shoe pads, to sample. I must confess; I was skeptical. I mean there are other shoe insoles in the marketplace, how much better could these really be?


I decided to give them a working woman’s true test. First, I inserted the Ball-of-Foot Cushion into a pair of my highest heeled sandals (4.25” non-platform is my absolute max) and wore them on a super busy day – a day I would have normally chosen to wear a substantially lower pair. After back-to-back meetings followed by a lengthy networking event, where I was required to stand for several hours, I ended the day actually feeling grateful. To my surprise, they worked! The results lived up to the company’s tagline, “No more walking home barefoot”. The best way I can describe Stiletto Hardware shoe insoles is it feels like you are walking barefoot on a Tempur-Pedic mattress…they’re amazing! Plus, an extra bonus, the pads were not visible while wearing my sandals. Next, I tried the Heel Cushion with a pair of flats and then the Ball-of-Foot (Ultra Slender) Cushion with a pair of closed-toe pumps that already fit a little snug. I had equal success with these versions too.

I could no longer contain my excitement! I had to find out more about who was behind, Stiletto Hardware, and its fantastic products.


Here is my interview with Kelly Chung, the founder of Stiletto Hardware:

What inspired you to design a shoe pad?
I actually play a lot of sports and injured my foot many years ago. Ever since then, wearing high heels has been so painful. So, I’ve become a sort of insole connoisseur! And while they did provide some relief, I knew I could make something better. Thus, I went out and did some research and created Stiletto Hardware!

Stiletto Hardware products are a hit! How come they are so comfortable? What’s the secret to their success?
We’re so excited to be having such a wonderful response to our products! What makes them so different from other products in the marketplace is the use of memory foam. It molds to each woman’s foot and disperses pressure points, while absorbing shock throughout the day. I think the reason the products are successful is because they were made by a woman for women. I was my own best product tester. I knew that if I could make something that could solve my problem, it would solve other women’s problems as well.

Why do you care so much about women being comfortable in their shoes? What drives your passion and commitment?
I love fashion, but, often times, fashion is not comfortable and I think the worst feeling is wearing something beautiful and being uncomfortable. I also love solving problems, so this venture really allows me to solve a common problem in a creative way. What drives me to continue is getting such wonderful feedback on my products. It’s so rewarding knowing that I’m bringing something valuable to my customers and they appreciate the thought that went into creating each of my products. It’s not often easy starting a business, but having little successes along the way really helps keep my spirits up and strengthens my commitment!

To find out more about Kelly and Stiletto Hardware products check out the website. Insoles retail for $7.95 per pair plus free shipping on all orders over $10. Well, worth it!

But, guess what?

Stiletto Hardware Giveaway

Now, you can test them out yourself for free. Here’s your chance, my fellow Corporate Fashionista, to win a packaged set of three pair (one of each version) of Stiletto Hardware shoe insoles. Don’t miss out! Enter our Stiletto Hardware Giveaway, today!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment, telling me — what is your biggest challenge when it comes to what to wear to work?

2. To get a second entry, “like” Corporate Fashionista on Facebook — then return here to leave an additional comment below letting me know.

3. To get a third entry, “like” Stiletto Hardware on Facebook, and then again return here to leave an additional comment below letting me know.

This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. It will end next Tuesday, August 2 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be selected by random drawing (via and notified via email. I hope you win!

Disclosure: Products were sent gratis for review. This review post was not paid for or promised. All opinions are of my own.

Top Image Credit: Product + portrait courtesy of Stiletto Hardware.

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  • guest

    My biggest challenge for professional dress is how to keep it professional but not boring…I want to be able to have my personality come through with yes! maybe even a little edginess without being inappropriate. I’d love to hear from you and your readers how you all pull that off!

  • My biggest challenge (when I was in the corporate world) was being comfortable all day, but looking professional.

  • Ashley

    Hi Kristina!

    Ashley here from RHH. To answer your question, my biggest challenge on dressing for work has to do with the fact that I live in Texas! It’s so freakin’ hot in the summer. I want to wear tank tops and shorts all the time, but that wouldn’t be work appropriate. I love the quote about walking home barefood – I’ve felt like doing, have seen many women doing it, but ultimately am a germ-a-phobe and would walk through the blisters and all!

    These look really awesome, and like they’d be worth a try!

  • Ashley

    Just Liked Corporate Fashionista on Facebook!

  • Ashley

    Stiletto Hardware too – booyah!

  • Biggest challenge about what to wear to work: Just putting heels on makes my feet hurt. I’m not kidding. I have very sensitive feet. I end up wearing boring but comfortable shoes.

  • I liked you on Facebook. 🙂

  • my biggest challenge is heels or no heels. if i wear heels they will hurt and having them off under my desk isnt the most professional. but they give me hight and make me feel powerful. i tend to alternate between heels and flats so my feet dont hate me too much.


  • fb fan them xferriza2 danielle b


  • fb fan you xferriza2 danielle b


  • Belinda Revercomb

    My biggest challenge is finding work attire that balances between the freezing office and the boiling temps outside.

    b.revercomb at gmail dot com

  • Belinda Revercomb

    like coporatefashionista on facebook

    b.revercomb at gmail dot com

  • Belinda Revercomb

    like stiletto hardware on facebook

    b.revercomb at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    comfort plus  looks

  • Chrystal Blue

    My biggest problem is finding comfortable shoes for work that are stylish too.

  • Stacie clark

    Ahhh — my biggest challenge, I’m afraid, is my size.  I am a plus sized woman and my feet ache and throb every day when I come home — whether I’m wearing professional shoes, athletic shoes or even nust crocs on a day off.  I wish I could find a way to make the aches and pain stop, but try as I might, the weight will not come off.  Frustrating, indeed.  Now, I’m job searching, and I’m sure I’ll end up back in heels — so I would love to try this product. 🙂

  • Stacie Clark

    Hi,  I’m liking you on facebook :).

  • Stacie Clark

    I’m liking Stiletto Hardware on Facebook 🙂

  • ashley

    My biggest challenge is taking the time to put together outfits ahead of time. 

  • april bever

    My biggest challenge is adaptability

  • There are so many challenges when it comes to deciding what to wear to work!  Wanting to dress in my summer clothes, but it’s always absolutely freezing at the office…  Wanting to easily change from office wear to casual after work so I can go straight to school/hanging out with friends… 

  • Skratsda

    The hardest part about deciding what to wear to work is trying to figure out whether I will be dressed too formally or informally for the day.

  • Skratsda

    I liked Corporate Fashionista on Facebook (Alexander David)

  • Skratsda

    I liked Stilleto Hardware on Facebook (Alexander David)

  • Erin

    My biggest challenge in what to wear to work comes in summer.  It’s always freezing in my office, so I can wear sweaters.  But if I want to take a walk midway through the day or go out for happy hour after work, I need something that is conducive to those activities as well.  It’s tough to strike a balance between looking good and feeling good!

  • Erin

    I “like” Stiletto Hardware on Facebook as Erin A.-L.

  • Monique Rizzo

    Being comfortable yet appropriate.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Sarah K Moreland

    i work in a busy office with TWO floors, so i’m constantly running up and down stairs. But I refuse to wear anything but heels to work ;P so any extra support and comfort would be a miracle!

    sarah.k.moreland AT

  • Anonymous

    i have a hard time finding clothes that are comfortable to wear to work
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  • chris

    what to wear in summer

  • My biggest challenge when deciding what to wear to work is definitely looking professional while maintaining comfort as I am a full-time tutor!

  • “like” Corporate Fashionista on Facebook

  • “like” Stiletto Hardware on Facebook