Liberate Your Look

July 4, 2012

The spirit of Fourth of July transcends national freedom.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate personal and professional independence too.

Break free from limiting beliefs.

Eliminate the “I can’ts”. Open the door to possibilities.

Style can help you get past this fear of being noticed.

Even under the strictest of dress codes, you can let you shine.

Small, simple updates have long-lasting benefits. If you wear black all the time, switch it up with navy; if you live in solid colors, start incorporating prints.

Liberty is a right. You have earned it…you deserve it!

Has an outfit ever helped lead you toward success? If so, why do you think it worked?

Image credit: courtesy Rachel Parcell, founder and editor, of the fabulous Pink Peonies. Fireworks via Polyvore and Star Confetti, MyPaperShop.

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