Make A Fearless Style Resolution This New Year

January 8, 2014

Make A Fearless Style Resolution This New Year |

It’s often my job as a stylist to push my clients outside their comfort zone. Some respond best through a gentle nudge, while others with a firm bump.

My goal is not to be a meanie, but to free her up to get her past her limiting (style) beliefs. “Oh, no, I can’t wear a red sweater! I look horrible in red and (she mumbles) I just don’t want to stand out.” Ding…ding…ding. The latter is likely her truest feelings. The truth is she can wear any color; she just needs to find the ideal shade(s) for her skin tone. For example, tomato red is way different from raspberry red.

The color red could, instead, be yellow, or stripes, or prints, or her waistline, or thighs, knees, upper arms, calves, hands, chest, feet or you name it…I’ve heard it all. Statements of preferences so often mask perceived limitations and insecurities. In my experience, it is rare that style restrictions are accurate or necessary.

And yet…

She admires the woman wearing (or doing) what she thinks she can’t.

Let me say it loud and clear. It’s not about the red. It’s not about the knees. It’s not about the nose. It is not about lacking anything.

What you wear on the job and in life is all about energizing yourself to feel empowered to express yourself – to use visuals as well as intellect and to not “hide out”.

Fear can be an insidious thing. Don’t let it stop you.

Instead, let your style help you break free of your insecurities. Make one style resolution this year…to start experimenting and wear more garments, accessories or fashion trends outside your comfort zone.

Start wearing red. Start wearing stripes. Start wearing dresses. Start.

Say “Goodbye!” to old style beliefs and habits that limit you and, instead, say “Hello!” to embracing the new.

I promise you that if you commit to stepping outside your style comfort zone, it will lead to making yourself open to much bigger opportunities in business and in life.

Let’s make a toast together…to keeping our style resolutions and to looking, feeling, and attaining our best this New Year!

What colors or styles have you avoided because you didn’t think “you could pull if off”?

Image credit: Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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  • This is so true! Love the hello goodbye sweatshirt, a great foil for saying Hello to great style 🙂

  • Lena Penteado

    I love this post, totally true 😉