Martha Stewart: Up Close and Personal

September 27, 2008

Introducing The Martha Blog! One of Martha Stewart’s greatest contributions is her passion to empower others by taking on an aesthetic responsibility whether it is via books, television, radio, magazines, products and now a blog. She successfully leads a smart and talented team to educate and to amplify the fact that aesthetics is a serious business. Ultimately, these displays and actions have led women (and men) to recognize and appreciate their own value in aesthetics and that it can contribute to the world. That it adds richness to the fabric of life!!!

What are some of the most significant ways you have allowed your own aesthetics to make an impact on your personal presentation? How has this been a positive experience/experiment?

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  • I am a financial advisor and I have a fabulous, creative website…which believe me is not the norm in my industry. I wanted to make a statement about myself that reflected my serious nature but also that I can be interesting and fun too. I think I accomplished this with my use of color, design, graphics and copy. In result, I am constantly getting compliments in my website and I have attracted media attention with it as well.