Michelle Obama Exudes Confidence

November 9, 2008

Michelle Obama Exudes Confidence

Newsday/Getty Images

It will be so refreshing to have soon to be First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House. She has a charismatic way of displaying her innate self-confidence. It is so natural. Her conviction is further demonstrated and reaffirmed by her personal style. This intelligent, dynamic, empathic and devoted woman always looks so comfortable in what she is wearing. By her claiming and developing an authentic personal style, she appears so comfortably free both in the limelight and interpersonally. It encourages and reassures her and the public that one doesn’t have to look past her personal style statements; it’s just a part of who she is. This is what personal style is all about! It is a realistic extension of your individual life. It is up-to-date. It is flattering. It is appropriate. And it is not apologizing for looking your best.

The customized Narciso Rodriguez black and red chiffon sheath dress that Michelle Obama wore at U.S. President-Elect Barrack Obama’s victory speech at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois appeared to be the right choice for her. She looked happy and self-assured. Her personal aesthetic confidence transcends critics. And ultimately transcends fashion. Celebrated designer, Yves Saint Laurent said it perfectly, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Michelle Obama will be an exciting woman to watch in the forthcoming years for a multitude of reasons including the evolvement of her personal style. Watch and learn!

How much confidence do you have in your personal style? Are there regular steps you take to keep it authentic and current?

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  • Hi love Michele Obama, her presence and style , all of it.
    But I have to admit, she looked great in that red and black dress, but I didn’t get what was going on in the middle…..?

  • TC

    I love her! I really loved the photo the next day, with Michelle looking stylish and classic with a red sheath dress with something interesting going on at the top and Laura Bush looking like a frump.