Quick Fixes To Five Fashion Faux Pas

July 14, 2010

Quick Fixes To Five Fashion Faux Pas

We’ve all experienced them. Those style quandaries we find ourselves in from time to time. They usually catch us off guard. And, of course, when we are in a hurry! To better prepare ourselves the next time we are in a jam, here are quick fixes to five common fashion faux pas:


FAUX PAS: You thought chartreuse green was your ideal color, so you stocked up on it. Now, you realize it is just not true. It makes your skin look sallow and peaked. Ugh! Yet you don’t want to go out and buy a whole bunch of new pieces. What should you do?

FIX: Combine the chartreuse green with flattering colors. Wear a becoming navy cardigan over your chartreuse blouse or a yellow cami underneath it in the perfect yellow hue. Add a fetching fatigue green jacket over your chartreuse green sweater. Even layer colorful jewelry in flattering colors close to your face to counterbalance your fault-finding chartreuse colored dress.


FAUX PAS: You were gifted from someone special a beautiful and (expensive) yet very short necklace. Consequently, it visually shortens your neckline making it appear rather thick. This does not excite you so; the reality is that you will not be inclined to wear it. A return is out of the question. What can you do?

FIX: Mix your short beautiful necklace with longer necklaces. The longer necklaces will bring the focus to the full length of your body rather than stopping at the neck region.


FAUX PAS: You’ve recently added on a few extra pounds (just a few) and, now, the hemline on your favored skirt went from looking haute to hoochie. How can you get a few more wears out of it?

FIX: Have your tailor release and then reinforce the hem. No time? Forgo the standard heels and slip on a pair of flats. Wear for casual activities only.


FAUX PAS: Lost some weight? You’ve got a closet full of oversized and shapeless clothes, but you are still losing weight and don’t wish to buy new pieces until you hit your target.

FIX: Add a waist belt to everything! Your long cardigan that is too long will now be shortened by adding a beautiful belt. Your overstock of shift dresses will now highlight your new curves with a cinched in waist. Those schlumpy floral blouses will have a new life by adding a trend setting belt.


FAUX PAS: Right dress…Wrong shoes. You are running late for a party and remember at the last minute that you still haven’t worn that gorgeous summer print wrap dress you got on sale. You slip it on and it still looks fabulous on you! Your go-to silver party shoes don’t quite compliment the dress. What are you going to do?

FIX: Insert the color silver elsewhere into the outfit. The easiest way is through accessories. Layer charming silver jewelry bracelets or add a silver clutch handbag. Note that the silver colors can be in different tones. This method will create a visual balance to your overall look and make the silver shoes appear less out of place in relation to the dress. Now, you’re all set to have fun!

Share some of your fashion faux pas in good fun; we’ve all had them!

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  • Cathy Curtis

    Love your ideas to fix fashion faux pas – brilliant!

  • Kristina Moore

    Cathy – Thanks so much! I have a whole bunch that I use with my clients and thought I would list a few. Just a few – I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone. Glad you liked them! They happen to most of us at one point or another. 😉