Slim Down In Seconds From Head To Toe

June 28, 2012

Isn’t there, always (sigh!) at least one body part you wish was slimmer?

In my line of work, believe me…I’ve seen how hard my clients are on themselves.

Mother Nature may not have blessed you with slender ankles. So what?! Or perhaps you’re at a time in your life when you’ve put on some extra weight. No worries!

It’s possible to slim down any body part without diet and exercise. Find the right clothing, accessories or beauty product to do the work for you. No heavy lifting required.

This is one of my absolute favorite parts about my job and the field of fashion…the fashion physics part. In fact, there are numerous body slimming tricks per body part. Today let’s focus on one.

Here are my top style tricks to slim your body in seconds from head to toe:

  1. HEAD: A side hair part reveals only one-third of your forehead which makes your entire head appear smaller. Smashbox ‘Shades of Fame’ Summer Palette $48, available at Nordstrom.
  2. FACE: Proper makeup contouring helps to redefine facial features including slimming down chubby cheeks. Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit $45, available at Nordstrom.

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  1. NECK: Bare your collar bones to expose more skin and draw less attention towards your thick neck. Banana Republic Clip Front Blouse $69.50, available at Banana Republic.
  2. SHOULDERS: For sleeveless garments, choose wide straps. Thin straps highlight broad shoulders by revealing lots of skin. Donna Morgan Sleeveless Hidden Placket Day Dress $98, available at Nordstrom.

  1. ARMS: A ¾-length sleeve is one of the best ways to deflect attention from thick upper arms. The extra fabric helps to make your arms appear longer and leaner. Dobbin Juliet Stretch Ponte Dress $168, available at Dobbin Clothing. Tip: Dress will be available in black too this Fall with other new Ponte dresses, plus more wardrobe staples…perfect for professionals. Super NEW clothing line!
  2. WRISTS: A bracelet (or a layer of bracelets) measuring approximately two-inches is wide enough to draw viewer’s attention towards the bracelet and away from thick wrists, plus narrow enough to keep arms looking elongated. Cuff bracelets are ideal for best fit too. CC Skye Roma Cuff $175, available at Shopbop.

  1. HANDS: A moderately thick width ring distracts attention away from big hands, thick or long fingers. It’s a little eye candy, but not too much! Tom Binns Classic Cigar Ring $143, available at Shopbop.
  2. BUSTLINE: Slight ruching on a button-down top or dress grabs the attention away from a full bustline. This small accent interests viewers. Tahari Women Plus Roma Dress $128, available at Bloomingdales.

  1. WAISTLINE: Style trick above may seem counterintuitive, but it works! One of the best ways to distract attention away from a thick waistline is to clearly define it. Place a built-in waistband or belt at the smallest part of your waist. This may be directly at your natural waistline or just below your bustline or somewhere in between…it all depends on your particular body type. Gerard Darel Woven Blouse $280 $168, available at Bloomingdales.
  2. HIPS: An easy way to minimize your hips is to wear an a-line skirt. The wider hemline parallels the width of your hips which basically nullifies them. Anna Scholz Salon Z Abstract Print Silk Dress $513 $307.80, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

  1. BUTTOCKS: A wide waistband (or deep yoke on jeans) visually reduces your backside. The strategic seaming cuts the backside into smaller parts which draws attention away from a bigger derriere. Express Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Editor Pant $69.90, available at Express.
  2. THIGHS: Minimize thick thighs by wearing pants or shorts with a moderate wide leg. Too wide of a pant leg adds visually weight. Fit pants/shorts at the widest part of your hips first. Vineyard Vines Dayboat Bermuda Shorts $88, available at Vineyard Vines.

  1. KNEES: A tulip hemline draws attention towards the central line of your body and distracts from chubby knees. Suzi Chin for Maggie Boutique Double-V Draped Jersey Dress $128, available at Nordstrom.
  2. CALVES: A moderately thick heel is more proportionate to a thick calf yet the width is still ultra feminine. Think chunky not clunky. In this example, a curved heel slims calves too. Loeffler Randall Esther Platform Pump $450, available at Loeffler Randall.

  1. ANKLES: Diminish thick calves (aka. cankles) by wearing shoes with ankle straps. Again, this may seem counterintuitive, but the ankle strap actually draws attention towards the strap and the entire shoe rather than your ankles. To avoid making your legs appear shorter with an ankle strap, opt for one that is not too wide. Manolo Blahnik Ankle Strap Pump $645, available at Nordstrom.
  2. FEET: Three-dimensional accents on the top center of your shoes will make wide feet appear narrower. This shoe detail attracts viewer’s attention rather than towards the width of your feet. DV Dolce Vita Damala Tassel Loafers $79, available at Bloomingdales.

  1. TOES: A shade of nail polish that is not too light or too dark will make chubby toes appear less chubby. Just as with a thick waist and ankles you actually must draw attention to this region in order to deflect from it. The charming color on your toes will be the main attraction and not your tootsies! Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, Dragon $26, available at Nordstrom.

As a busy professional, do you find it hard to quickly find the types of value-added clothes, accessories and beauty products that enhance your body type?

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  • Pamela L Smith

    Great tips

  • Corporate Fashionista

    Thank you!

  • Anna Runyan

    Very helpful tips! I love reading this post. Good job! 🙂

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  • Mariah

    Having thick upper arms and skinny wrists always looks so awkward- but the tip about 3/4 sleeves is awesome! I actually feel like my arms look skinnier. Thanks!

  • Debi Kramer

    I need a potato sack I guess 🙁