Spooky Kooky Halloween Party Accessories

October 27, 2010

Looking for a last minute spirited outfit to wear to a Halloween party? Not interested in an overly intensive costume? At last, a solution! The folks over at Martha Stewart created these adorable Googly-Eyed fashion accessories to celebrate the occasion. We can adorn our heels or inexpensive plastic bangle bracelets, simply by gluing on these wiggle baubles. Supplies are easily accessible at craft stores. Incorporate them with solid colored pieces in the rest of the outfit like all black or all forest green, so that these spooky kooky accessories stand out in the crowd and all eyes remain on us.

Martha Stewart’s DIY Googly-Eyed Accessories

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  • Christine

    I did not realize those were googly-eyes until I read the paragraph. How fun!

  • Kristina Moore

    Christine – Yep, it’s true! Aren’t they cute? They are so clever over there at Martha’s camp. I am really happy to hear you liked the idea too!