Star-Spangled Style

July 1, 2009

Star-Spangled Style

Richard Chai – S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira

Holiday dressing can go awry very quickly! There is a fine line between festive cliché outfits and spirited celebratory ensembles. Yet it is crucial to have fun with your attire especially at jovial functions. Making the most of the traditional red, white and blue color palette is entertaining but not required. This is the perfect day/weekend to incorporate those wonderful nautical themed pieces in stock this season plus there are adorable contemporary plaid prints available. Even striped pattern items will work suitably for this special occasion. Ideally, select pieces that have some versatility and those that will not only work for the Fourth of July festivities but for other summer activities and outings as well.

Here are three key questions to ask yourself when putting together your outfit(s) for the eventful July 4th weekend:

  • Where are you going?
  • What will you be doing?
  • Do you feel confident & comfortable?


Your boss is having an afternoon barbeque you plan to attend as your first event on the 4th. After that, you have made arrangements to watch fireworks at your friend’s evening get-together. To make life easy, you would like to wear one outfit that looks chic for the barbeque but yet not too dressy for the casual evening environment.

Or you are going to take the kids to the parade in the morning followed by a visit to the beach and perhaps the local fair in the evening when the weather cools down. You realize that creating an outfit that incorporates several layered pieces is going to be the solution to keep up with all of your scheduled events in style.

The local wine and art festival is also on your radar for the following weekend. Plus, you would like to stop by your neighbor’s cocktail shin-dig where you are in hopes of running into a prospective client. Jumpstart your holiday weekend attire by taking into consideration all of the places you will be going and create relevant mix and match outfits to make it easy.


After you have figured out what your plans are for the 4th of July and where, you will want to figure out what you will be doing at your functions in preparing for them. What exactly do you foresee yourself doing? Will your adventures require a lot of walking? Do you have the right attire for intramural sports or swimming that may engage you? Should you bring a pair of flat sandals to replace the heels that you feel will be more appropriate while socializing at your boss’s barbeque earlier in the day? Can you make it easier on yourself by layering your outfits for each event or place a few quick accessory changes in the car like a necklace, hat, belt, scarf or sweater. Who says you can’t be easily prepared for anything and everything?!


Finally, you want to put together outfits for the holiday weekend that are comfortable, yet make you feel confident. It is so central to comfort to include materials that are soft and breathable, yet not too sheer. Also, wear pieces that fit well and do not leave any abrasions on the skin. This would include dismissing ill-fitting shoes; bathing suits with elastic bands that are too tight and even bra straps that pinch at the skin. The goal is to be able to move freely in your clothes. Fidgeting is not a comfortable motion. The most important element to being comfortable in your clothes is to feel confident in them. A flattering and well-fitting outfit exudes comfort and confidence.

Here are some ensembles for a variety of activities that may inspire your 4th of July weekend attire:


Richard Chai – S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira


Stella McCartney– R09 – Style – Don Ashby


Max Azria– R09 – Style – Donato Sardella


Gap– S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira


Peter Som for Bill BlassR09Style – Don Ashby


Halston– S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira


Moschino Cheap & Chic– S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira


Chris Benz– S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira


Max Azria– S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira


Sari Gueron– S09 – Style – Marcio Madeira

Do any of the above designs inspire your 4th of July outfit choices? If so, who or what inspired you and please let us know which aspects you incorporated while putting together your holiday outfit(s)? We would love to know!

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  • I love this post.
    My favorites are Moschino Cheap & Chic and Robert Chai because I adore blue and white combinations in the summer! And these outfits are cute. I would look better in the Moschino outfit so that is inspiring me!


  • Cathy – so glad you liked it!!! I wanted to get everyone thinking about what they might wear over the holiday weekend before it arrives & they are trying to put something together at the very last minute.