Style Resolutions Worth Keeping This Year

January 9, 2013

Interested in looking and feeling your best this year?

Then join me!

In addition to my usual annual New Year’s resolutions of getting more exercise, eating healthier, reducing TV time, staying in closer touch with good friends…I thought it would be a good idea to; also, include some style resolutions this year. Ones that truly add value to my daily life!

Here’s my five style resolutions:

#1 Stop Hiding: My current style Achilles heel is wearing too much black! I’m not alone when I consider black a safe color…whatever that means exactly, I’m not sure, because as a stylist, I know in practice it’s a myth…but, I have been doing it anyway and I’d like to wear other colors this year and stop hiding behind this one.

Is there a particular color or style or type of garment or even a hair style that you hide behind? Which alternatives will help you step outside your comfort zone and try something new? I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you”. And I’m adding to it “…and be sure to dress for it!”

#2 Break Addiction: I am a jewelry addict…there, I admit it! I love jewelry! This one is going to be a challenge but so worth it by year end. I would prefer to budget the money instead towards a few weekend getaways spread throughout the year and some kind of laser beauty treatment (not sure what yet), so I am willing to trade in my addiction.

Do you have a fashion addiction you would like to break this year? Perhaps you already have enough handbags in your closet to accessorize each outfit for the next three months. Or maybe its shoes or jeans that make you give in and lose all reason?!

#3 Be (More) Realistic: I’m all for dressing appropriately for each occasion and even highly recommend looking extra special for most endeavors, but this year, I plan to wear more flats when my activities and responsibilities allow it. My feet, in particular, like this style resolution!

Are you too practical or impractical in terms of your style, forcing you to become too self-conscious? Is there one small style change you can make that would truly add value to your daily life?

#4 Pre-plan: My resolution is to figure out what I am going to wear the next day for work before I go to bed…every night. This creates a challenge for me living in San Francisco, because the weather is forever changing, but I know this will help me start out my day less frazzled. I also commit to being a better outfit pre-planner for special events to avoid last minute style and budget blunders.

Would a nighttime fashion ritual help you each morning or is there some other pre-plan, like a better organized closet, that would help you get out the door each morning faster, but secure in your mission of conquering the world?

#5 Get over it and move on: I need to get over the fact that I put on some extra weight last year (Grrr!) and buy a few new staple pieces (especially jeans) to add to my wardrobe. My expert camouflaging techniques are no longer working and I know proper fit is essential. I, also, know I will look better and feel better. This is another example of me walking my talk as a stylist.

Maybe a recent weight change isn’t your issue, but could you be dressing your body type better this year? Which specific area is a particular challenge?

Let’s make a toast together…to keeping our style resolutions and to looking and feeling our best this New Year!

Want more style inspiration?

I encourage you to get involved on our Pinterest ☆ Community Board ☆ Corporate Fashionista ☆. It’s a great place to find stylish ideas on what to wear to work, but it’s also an opportunity to help manifest your own style vision for yourself by sharing your ideas and commenting on others. And, now, thanks to Capitol Hill Style’s recommendation our community has wonderfully expanded. Join us here!

What are your style resolutions this year? Please share!

Image credits: Miss Zeit, Tommy Ton, The Coveteur, Zara, With Love From Kat and Know Your Rights. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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  • Loved the style resolutions, last year I started wearing more flat shoes too, and it’s much more comfortable. My feet certainly loved it 😉

  • Thanks, Lena! Glad I’ve now got a fellow fashionable flat buddy!

  • Thanks so much! Both of your posts are great…I especially appreciated your fashion commandments…super tips!

  • Love this! Fun tips, fun pictures (#3 gave me a little giggle). My resolution is to have more style – period! So I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you!!