Summer’s Ideal In-Office Outerwear

May 30, 2012

It’s 80 degrees outside and yet you’re freezing cold at work. Sound familiar?!

As summer temperatures rise, so does the office air conditioner.

You’re smart, so what do you do? Layer, of course! The problem is you’re not interested in owning a gazillion cardigans and blazer jackets. And you certainly don’t have time to fuss over coordinating the perfect one with each outfit. On the other hand, you don’t want your go-to in-office outwear, hanging on the back of your chair, to diminish the cuteness of all your new summer outfits.

The solution is to find one ideal in-office outwear piece and stash it at the office for the entire summer. Sound impossible? Not to worry! Follow my tips and you’re sure to find one that is going to flatter your figure, coordinate with most (if not all) of your daily outfits to perfection and allow you to easily transition from chilly, early morning conference meetings to strolling outside during your lunch break. Plus, it won’t cost you loads of money. In fact, I highly recommend not spending a lot on this summer work wardrobe staple. Just make sure, in addition to the other criteria, it also is durable. It does need to last the entire summer!

Here are my top three in-office outwear styles for you this season:

  1. A v-neck cardigan sweater. One of the best features of a v-neck cardi is its versatility. It’s easy to wear with different top necklines, plus pairs well with pants, skirts and dresses. For further versatility, go for a length that rests anywhere at or between your natural waistline and the widest part of your hips. Opt for a cardigan in a flattering solid, neutral color if you wear lots of bright colors or prints. Or a complimentary solid, bright colored v-neck cardi if you wear lots of neutrals.
  2. A cropped blazer jacket. Polish off your summertime work outfits with a blazer. A moderately cropped (aka. shrunken) style is best as in-office outerwear, because the length looks great with pants, skirts and dresses. Apply the same color rules as the v-neck cardigan.
  3. A classic jean jacket. Yes, jean jackets are back! And it’s a super hot trend this summer. Best worn in casual corporate environments. Avoid overly distressed jean jacket washes and treatments. Look for those with some stretch fabric for extra comfort. Feel free to pair with pants (except jeans), skirts and dresses.

What’s hanging on the back of your office chair, right now?

Image credit, left to right: Banana Republic Cozy Neck Long Cardigan $79.50, available at BananaRepublic; ASOS Tailored Cropped Boyfriend Blazer $69.58, available at Asos; Gap 1969 Denim Jacket $69.95, available at Gap.

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  • Definitely experience this at work! Can’t ever get the air conditioning right! Love this jacket from Quincy: Perfect for being comfortable in the office. 

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    Thanks for sharing!