Virtual Styling Service Testimonials

“I engaged the services of Kristina Moore to help me come up with a selection of outfits for my upcoming book release/signing party. I have a very specific taste and had a bit of a vision so I was a bit worried when passing that role off to someone else. However, I was more than surprised with the results. Kristina was able to tap into exactly who I am as a person, through the amazing evaluation she starts with, and she picked up on subtle personality cues that other people may have missed.

Best of all, she listened. She listened to everything from my budget to my color preferences and she kept the event / purpose in mind the entire time. I never thought I would like having a stylist, let alone a virtual one, but I am overjoyed with the experience I’ve had with Kristina. You can guarantee that I’ll be back to utilize her services again in the very near future”.

— Erin Blaskie, CEO of BSETC (www.bsetc.com)

“I love the idea of what Corporate Fashionista is doing. For people who don’t have time to sit around doing online shopping, it’s a relief to have someone doing all the dirty work for you. I like the way the questionnaire allowed me to really define my own style, leading Kristina into the right direction, letting her know what I love and hate. The results were really interesting and I will definitely consider some of the options for purchase. I especially loved getting discount codes and insider advice”.

— Alison Hotchkiss, author and founder & creative director of Alison Events, LLC (http://www.alisonevents.com/)

“I love Kristina Moore’s blog Corporate Fashionista and her style sense, so I was thrilled to find out about her Virtual Styling Services. I love clothes and enjoy shopping but I don’t have time to indulge myself very often. I have shopped online but I find it almost as time consuming as live shopping and all the choices are overwhelming. For the same reason, I prefer small boutiques where I get personalized service and the offerings are well-edited by a savvy buyer. It is for these reasons that I jumped at the chance to try out Corporate Fashionista’s Virtual Styling Services.

It is so easy and fun! As simple as picking one of three options on the website, paying via PayPal, filling out a detailed questionnaire about the items you are seeking and emailing it to Corporate Fashionista. Voila! Two days later a list arrives in your email box with links to 7 options per item (and in your size!!).

I was looking for a pair of gray peep toe pumps, a black leather belt and a stylish business suit. I truly liked several of the selections sent to me, in fact, it was difficult to make choices! I ended up buying 2 black belts and a pair of gray suede shoes and they work beautifully with my wardrobe. I opted to not purchase a suit, not that the choices weren’t right on the mark. I am hesitant about suits because I think most look “stuffy” and I tend to like a more relaxed business look. Corporate Fashionista suggested I try a sheath dress with a jacket instead. I agreed and placed a new order with VSS to find me some great options. I am eagerly anticipating my list of choices that should arrive in my email box in exactly 2 days.

I plan to use this service again and again! I know it will save me not only time, but money as I won’t be tempted to buy things I see in the stores that I don’t need. The process of filling out the questionnaire is a great way to identify wardrobe deficiencies and be selective. Plus, you get to borrow the eye of a great stylist for a fraction of the cost of typical styling services. Thanks Corporate Fashionista for making my life easier!

— Cathy Curtis, Financial Advisor For Women, their Families and Businesses (www.curtisfinancialplanning.com)

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