The Boardroom: Borrow, Buy, Believe + More

July 23, 2014

The Boardroom: Borrow, Buy, Believe + More |

  • Jewelry lover? RocksBox, a new membership-based jewelry service, allows you to rent 3 pieces of designer jewelry at a time for $19/mo. with the option to buy your favorites at a discount price. House of Harlow 1960, Gorjana, CC Skye, Margaret Elizabeth, and Loren Hope are just some of the designer brands carried. RocksBox is graciously offering CF readers the first month completely free! Use coupon code: CFrocks.

  • What These Powerful Women Would Have Told Their 22-Year-Old Selves [HuffPost]

  • The Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape [The Every Girl]

  • Get your 30-Day Ultimate Closet Guide. An e-toolkit created by stylist, Brittany Witkin, founder of The Style Shaker. After helping over 200 women overhaul their closets, she’s sharing a play-by-play of exactly what she does and how she does it with her closet toolkit. “I wrote the guide to enable any woman, anywhere, to get the closet/wardrobe she has always wanted, AND have fun while doing it. It’s like having me in their closet at a fraction of the cost.” says Brittany.

    Looking to donate after your closet overhaul? Turn your closet into cash for charities. Check out my Forbes interview with Fashion Project founders.

  • Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is taking place. Prices go up August 4th. At this particular sale, I look for fall/winter staple pieces that will get tons of use. Lots of jeans, boots, leather jackets, watches, workout wear, beauty exclusives, and more available. Here are a few of my faves: leather sleeved knit jacket and dress, year-round blouse, suits at varying price points here, here and here, nude makeup palette, undergarments, two-tone silver and gold watch, embossed satchel bag, plus pumps, booties, and boots.

  • Amazon Prime sure makes shopping online simple and fast. Did you know they carry Theory, Rebecca Taylor, Trina Turk, BCBG, and more?! Contemporary brands are 20% off if you spend $100+ until 11:59pm PST today (7/23/14). Promo code STYLESSAV. Some restrictions apply. Full details here. A few favorite dress finds here, here, here, here, and here.

  • Beauty GIFs: How to Wake Up With Beach Waves [NY Mag]

  • IDEO Reinvents the Nail Polish Wand, and it’s Amazing [7x7SF]

  • As you may already know, if I was stranded on a deserted island and, somehow, I could get access to one television show, it would be Charlie Rose. Here’s his recent interview with Hillary Clinton in case you missed it.

  • Negotiating Is Not the Same as Haggling [Harvard Business Review]
    “Positional bargaining rewards stubbornness and deception; it often yields arbitrary outcomes; and it risks doing damage to your relationships. Most importantly, it causes you to miss the opportunity to get more value out of the negotiation than you originally expected. In other words, you won’t be creative and find ways to expand the pie because you’ll be so focused on exactly how to divide it up.”

  • Pin It to Win It: Win a 2014 Marinel Sun Dress. Marinel Sun, a new SF-based workwear fashion brand, is running a Pinterest contest. To win a ‘Cindy’ or ‘Sara’ dress, simply create a Pinterest inspiration board. Complete directions here. July 28th deadline.

  • Heidi Roizen, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and master networker, shares what has changed—and what hasn’t—about professional networking in the era of social media. “Today everything is relationship-driven.” says Heidi via Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    Remember Heidi’s handbag theory? It certainly is helpful with negotiations!

  • 10 Easy Tweaks to Update Your Home From Nate Berkus [Oprah]

  • Why ‘Woman Entrepreneur’ Is a Misnomer [Inc.]
    “What drives women in business is no longer about proving their worth as a female. Ultimately, what they/we really want and need is to be given the infrastructure, resources, and opportunities to have the most impact.”

  • What Does The Next Generation Of Women Entrepreneurs Look Like? [Fast Company]

  • Beauty Quick Fixes: How-to apply a fake tan like a pro using this brush on tricky areas, including ankles, hands, and feet; remove a bad fake tan with this simple concoction; get rid of dark circles with this triangle concealer trick; and peel hard-to-remove glitter or textured nail polish off like a sticker with this new base coat.

  • Stella McCartney interview with Tamu from All The Pretty Birds while the fashion designer was showcasing her Spring 2015 collection in Milan:
    Tamu: “How do your creations help women express their femininity?”
    Stella: “I think they allow women to express their femininity. I think the most important thing is that we don’t dictate to our women. We’re very welcoming of all different ages, all different sizes, all different types of women and we really, really encourage them to say who they are through what they wear. You know, it’s really important to me that they don’t feel that we dictate to them. It’s really about them coming to me and my work, and if my work serves them and makes them feel good about themselves, then that’s all I really want.”

Corporate Fashionista’s ‘The Boardroom’ features the latest news in business and fashion geared towards the professional woman.

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