The Boardroom: Digital Media Pioneers

April 5, 2011

The Boardroom: Digital Media Pioneers

At Corporate Fashionista, we take seriously the impact visuals have in new media for today’s professional. The digital revolution has changed how we consume news and entertainment. The public’s vast consumption of digital media in its various platforms is undeniable. As professionals, we need to stay ahead of the curve and find new ways to promote our skills and share our ideas.

Here are two business women who are expanding their on-the-job work responsibilities leading informative online video series. This media strategy instantly allows them to share their convictions and get their messages to go viral. Let’s watch, listen, and learn as they interview other business women who are also forging paths to professional success and fulfillment.

  • Marissa Mayer, Google VP takes part in AtGoogleTalks (aka. @Google), a series of online YouTube videos showcasing authors, filmmakers, business leaders, and other professionals who share their expertise while visiting Google, Inc. Her most recent interview with music icon and media genius, Lady Gaga, is fascinating. Marissa’s charm promotes a candid conversation with Lady Gaga. The interview is not only informative, but it is delightfully entertaining. It is particularly insightful when these two professionals discuss Lady Gaga’s fame and her strategies to embrace and utilize an online media campaign to promote her brand.

Note: Unable to view Google video, click here to watch Marissa’s interview with Lady Gaga.

  • Moira Forbes, VP and Publisher of ForbesWoman broadens her passion for promoting, honoring, and learning from other professional women by forging ahead of the curve to host her ongoing online video series, Success with Moira Forbes. If you have not watched an episode yet, you should! Moira’s direct and relatable questions encourage frank responses from an extensive group of inspiring and successful executive women from the entertainment industry, politics, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and so many more. For an overview, don’t miss the video below and for a complete list of Moira’s interviews click here.

Note: Unable to view Forbes video, click here to watch Success with Moira Forbes.


Top Image: Google’s Marissa Mayer and ForbesWoman’s Moira Forbes (L-R)

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