The Boardroom: Girls’ Girls, Innovations, Career Tips + More

January 22, 2014

The Boardroom: Girls’ Girls, Innovations, Career Tips + More  |

  • Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid [Forbes]

  • My new favorite shoes. Hands down. Designed by award-winning Finnish shoe designer, Julia Lundsten, via her visionary London-based footwear brand, Skin By FINSK. Why I love them so much? The architectural design is so unique and charming, yet still versatile and appropriate for us career girls as we power walk our way to the top. To my delight, the pumps are not funky nor clunky, but, instead, exceptionally elegant and flattering to the leg line. Plus, the quality and craftsmanship are superb allowing for comfort. I sampled the D8’s in black, but Julia offers an extensive fashion-forward collection. Note Skin By FINSK is offering free worldwide shipping for a limited time.

  • Man Turns Wife’s Shopping Trips Into Hilarious Game [Mashable]

  • I cherish a good night’s sleep, don’t you? A comfortable and visually relaxing space that’s easy to navigate is what’s in order. Enter Crane & Canopy. An online home goods brand offering premium designer bedding founded by SF-based wife and husband team, Karin Shieh and Christopher Sun. They make their products at the same factories as high-end designers, but contract with manufacturers directly, thereby cutting out the middlemen, saving us money while keeping exactly the same quality. I sampled one of their innovative Signature Duvet Covers which cleverly combines a flat sheet and a duvet cover. See video. Rest assured Crane & Canopy offers a delightful selection of modern, contemporary designs and bedding goods made with super soft materials. Nighty-night.

  • 5 Steps To Follow Through On Everything [Fast Company]

  • Are you familiar with those wardrobe staple ‘must-have’ lists of items every woman should have in her closet? I’ve always been perplexed as to why a suit was considered mandatory for every woman. In today’s diverse marketplace, a suit is not part of every company’s daily dress code. Suits are not even recommended for some job interviews. There’s just not a good enough reason to shell out big bucks on a quality suit for potential ‘what if’s’. But! When you need one; you NEED one.

    Thankfully, Suit and Sweet to the rescue! An online, rental start-up company founded by former financiers, Christine Short and Hannah Levenkron, offering designer workwear to women at a fraction of the retail cost. Theory is the company’s staple brand at the moment with more brands coming soon.

  • 6 Interview Tips and Tricks for 2014 [Business News Daily]

  • Introducing WorkShop. A new e-commerce shopping destination exclusively dedicated to the fashionable working woman. Dresses, skirts, blazers, tops and more. Kudos to founders, Jen Lee and Kristin Yacovone.

  • Sophisticated Spirit. A mother and daughter duo team up with Afghan women to help us cheer for our favorite sports teams in style. Wrap yourself in their two-tone, logo-free, hand sewn pashmina and silk scarves. Hooray! Choose from pre-selected high school, college and professional team color combos or go for their customizable option at no additional cost. After sampling both fabric styles, I recommend wearing the pashmina during cooler months and the silk during warmer months.

  • Remember bodysuits? They’re making a comeback! And designer Tamar Daniel of Bradamant is leading the way. She’s redefined the bodysuit with her fashion forward tops and premier bodysuit bottoms. I sampled The Mogul and was pleasantly surprised to find the closure comfortable. Tamar has strategically placed its opening, plus used sturdy, adjustable hook-eye closures that are gentle and lay flat (like those on a luxury bra). Of course, with her solid design career background at Anthropology and more, it’s no wonder the top portion was beautifully designed and constructed as well. Tamar is all about supporting us professional women, even with her clever taglines, including “The Better Bodysuit: Lean in. Reach higher. You’re untuckable.” More good news! Bradamant has a kickstarter campaign going on, right now through the end of January save 35% off your preorder of their Spring collection.

  • As you already know, I’m a big fan of CEO and presentation guru, Nancy Duarte of Duarte, Inc. One of the ways she continuously shares her expertise is through her LinkedIn articles, including this one, Prompt Yourself, Not Your Audience.

  • From savvy Silicon Valley scientist, with two patents under her belt, to seriously sought-after seamstress, Camilla Olson is on a mission designing flexible fashion for the busy woman. She sees fashion as a language to express self, intelligence and confidence. After a super successful crowdfunding campaign, Camilla’s ‘building block’ pieces are now available at her e-commerce site.

  • Geeky Sprinkles…for reals. Tara Theoharis of Geeky Hostess is offering fun sprinkle shapes for geeky baking – steampunks, lightning bolts and more. Made by the same manufacturers as other traditional sprinkle shapes. Check out her kickstarter campaign.

  • Print It: 30-Day Squat Challenge [FitSugar]

  • Green smoothie novice or junkie? Check out Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard free 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Discover new recipes, tips and lots more at Simple Green Smoothies.

  • The Best Times Of Year To Buy Clothing For Less [WhoWhatWear]

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