The Boardroom: Hair Bangs Craze, Career Boosts, Fantasy Closets + More

January 23, 2013

Corporate Fashionista’s ‘The Boardroom’ features the latest news in business and fashion geared towards the professional woman.

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  • Anna Runyan

    I really want to know if the bangs trend is right for me. Great links! And thanks for sharing Nextissue, love it!

  • Lighted closet rod = genius!!!! Thanks for putting that on my radar!

  • My pleasure! I thought it was a really cool idea too!

  • Thanks, Anna! So glad you found them useful!

  • I’m thinking about bangs but my hair is very wavy, almost curly, so I’m always a little afraid of the result 😉

  • I get it. I’ve actually got curly hair, so I completely understand. I think it’s really going to depend upon hair products and styling tools used…going air dry…well, that’s a whole different story. Based on your icon pic, I think you would look fantastic in them! YOLO