The Boardroom: Name Changers, Bargain Hunters, Money Makers + More

November 9, 2011

Name Changers: 285 Indian Girls No Longer ‘Unwanted’ [MSNBC – World News] “Hundreds of Indian girls whose names mean “unwanted” in Hindi chose new names…for a fresh start in life.”

Introducing BeautyMint [BeautyMint] First, there was JewelMint, then there was StyleMint, and, now, there is BeautyMint – the brand new monthly beauty club led by Jessica Simpson and skincare expert Nerida Joy.

Bargain Hunters, Hold That Click [NYTimes] “Such [flash-sale] sites enable customers, who are about to enter the busiest shopping period of the year, to score deals on elite brands. Still, one can, with surprising regularity, find some even better deals elsewhere.”

Face Paintings [NYTimes] Stunning paintings created using lipstick!

Cambridge Satchel Company: The Inspiring Story Behind Fashion Months Most
Affordable ‘It Bag’
[Fashionista] “I started The Cambridge Satchel Company to earn money to send my children to a great school…Honestly, we have been bowled over by the response.”

5 Myths About Working Women [Forbes] “You can be cute and smart, just be smart about how you are cute!” plus more tips to debunk common myths.

50 Songs (and Albums) To Listen To At Work [Inc.]

Think Like A Woman And Make More Money [Forbes] “Women, in many ways, are able to be very successful in occupations that involve the combination of money, risk taking and risk management.”

UnitedStyles Lets You Play Fashion Designer [TechCrunch] “UnitedStyles is a Facebook Connect-enabled service that lets any user create customized women’s apparel, allowing to sketch out, adjust and share a design via an online interface and customized 3D preview.”

Corporate Fashionista’s ‘The Boardroom’ features the latest news in business and fashion geared towards the professional woman.

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