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January 25, 2012

10 Fashion Exhibitions You Won’t Want To Miss In 2012 [Fashionista]

Best-Paying Cities For Women [Forbes]

Meryl Streep Donates Her ‘Iron Lady’ Paycheck To The National Women’s History Museum [Give Back Hollywood]

Confidence: Is it Your Inner Critic Talking, Or Are You Just Being Realistic? [Huffington Post] “You can recognize your critic by how it speaks to you. It’s it making grand proclamations about reality or about the worst-case scenarios? It is repeating the same thing over and over again? That’s the critic. Good, realistic, sound thinking examines the situation with a light heart and a focus on solutions. Feel the difference?”

Handbag brand, The Sak, recently launched its first shoe line. Get casual, comfy, crochet shoes. Pick from wedge to loafer styles. [The Sak]

More upcoming launches: On February 5th, Jason Wu for Target and on Feburary 15th, Doo-ri Chung for Macy’s Impulse. Here’s a complete lookbook for Jason’s line.

10 Leaders And The Surprising Ways They Stay Productive [Inc] Arianna Huffington, “Drop everything and go to sleep.” Stephen King, “Above all else, be consistent.”

Sara Blakely Dared To Ask, “Why Not?” [Inc – VIDEO] “How Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, took $5,000 and an idea for footless pantyhose and turned it into a multi-million dollar women’s undergarment business.”

Your Vote for CEO of the Year – Bezos (Amazon) or Page (Google)? [Forbes] “Caretaker CEOs are being crushed…Successful CEOs have to guide their businesses away from investing in money-losing businesses, even if they are part of the company’s history, and toward rapidly growing opportunities created by being part of the shift.”

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