The #1 Style Secret To Landing Your Next Job

February 13, 2013

Job interviews can be super stressful!

After much practice, you’ve mastered your key selling points and pinpointed multiple ways your talents can add value to the company. Your salary negotiating skills are topnotch, you’ve got an impressive firm handshake, your eye contact is serious yet personable, your smile is genuine and, without a doubt, you understand the importance of career appropriate attire.

But once you’re in the interview room, are there any additional tools to keep the interviewers attention on you and what you are saying?


It seems everyone suffers from a little bit of attention-deficit-disorder these days, so a great way to grab and maintain the interviewer’s attention on you is to use visuals to your best advantage.

Here’s where one of my interview style tricks-of-the-trade comes in handy…

Did you know that your blouse (or the top portion of your dress) is the most important part of your interview appropriate outfit? This includes with or without a blazer jacket.

It is. But, why?

Because the right top places a spotlight on your face that can’t be ignored, your chances of being seen (and heard) are greatly increased, making you a memorable job candidate.

Let me give you some specific examples. Be sure to cover each half with a sheet of paper to test for yourself:

Example One: Color is key. Opt for a flattering color to instantly and unforgettably highlight your entire face. There are so many better options than a standard white blouse.

Example Two: Pay attention to print size. Wear a top with a small print. A large print overpowers facial features which encourages the interviewer to lose focus.

Example Three: Wear a close fit neckline. That doesn’t mean you have to button up the last button or appear stuffy. We’ve talked before about how important a neckline is for close ups…in the case above (right), scientifically, a wide open neckline draws attention away from your face…what you’re saying. A crewneck or moderate scoopneck or v-neck is best.

Example Four: Omit statement jewelry. Although it may enhance the overall look of your interview outfit, it distracts attention away from your face which is most important. Let your top do most of the style work.

Maintain your interview confidence by wearing clothes that support your endeavors. When styled well, they’re another powerful tool to add to your interview toolbox.

Next thing you know, you’ll be hearing those magic words “You’re hired!”

Do you find this very detailed-oriented type of career style advice helpful? Are there other particular areas concerning dress and work that you find to be a challenge? Please share!

Image credits: Haute Couturist Street Style and all the gorgeous tops are available at Shopbop. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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