The Power Of Pink

October 23, 2013

The Power Of Pink |

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).

A soft pink ribbon is its official international year-round symbol.

Designers extended the possibilities of pink and joined the cause by creating exclusive pink fashion and beauty products in more recent years with donations resulting from the proceeds or a percentage of sales. Thankfully, many industries have gotten involved. Even the NFL supports the cause. Did you notice this month their pink cleats, arm bands, etcetera – all kinds of pink game apparel and on-field equipment? I love seeing hunky guys in pink, don’t you?

The month of October and the color pink have become wonderful reminders to value our own health and vitality as well as to honor and support the women (and men) who fight for theirs.

Being surrounded by all this pink got me thinking…I believe the power of pink transcends the awareness this cause highlights.

I must confess, I avoided wearing pink until recently. I had no problem recommending it to clients or personally wearing pink blush, lipgloss/lipstick or nail polish, but pink clothing…well, in the past, it just seemed too lightweight to communicate competence. Now it is a visually powerful color, accepted by everyone. I have always understood the science value of pink, in terms of fashion and beauty – pink brightens the skin tone, creating a youthful, healthy glow.

So, what changed?

Traditionally, in Western countries, the color pink symbolized being female and blue being male. It’s likely a girl’s very first outfit was pink. Perhaps the majority of our clothes and living quarters were even pink that first year (or longer) after birth. Remember your first tutu?

I believe I unconsciously (and unwisely) made the assumption that, if I wore pink as an adult in the marketplace, perhaps it would look ‘too’ girly or cutesy or even immature, and I may not be taken seriously on the job.

Aren’t you relieved that pink has moved beyond this stereotype – and even beyond gender, too? One of our most flattering colors has now broken the glass ceiling and has communicated its power in the process. Let’s celebrate pink – October and beyond!

Fortunately, pink is a trendy color this entire fall/winter season too, so there’s plenty of chances to embrace it! See all the pink possibilities below.


Share your thoughts on the color pink as a professional!

Image credit (Top): Photograph of Sara Strand by Sandra Semburg for A Love Is Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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