The Transitional Wardrobe: Spring 2010 Edition

February 28, 2010

It is that time again! – Fall is S-L-O-W-L-Y transitioning into – Spring. Winter, as usual, is a wild card! That means we need to come up with ways to mix-and-match our clothing during particularly challenging seasonal changes. We want to stay ahead of the curve and continue to wear weather appropriate, yet stylishly relevant outfits. But, we would be foolish not to dress for these unpredictable weather patterns that, even within a week’s time frame, play a major role in our wardrobe purchasing and styling decisions. We need to demand even more from the pieces in our wardrobe and pay extra attention to the fabric choices and style versatility of each piece.

Transitional season dressing can be a tricky balance, but can we treat it as an opportunity to stretch our wardrobes and make it fun and stylish in the process? Whether we actually have days of spring weather or unpredictable spells, here are some ways to start mixing-and-matching your current fall season pieces with new spring pieces to keep you on track and looking good:



3.1 Phillip Lim – R10 – Style

Designer Phillip Lim’s creation demonstrates the 50-50 Split option perfectly. She wears a warm gray sweater for the top half of her outfit while on the bottom half she mixes it with a beautiful lightweight colorful springtime skirt. The combination is just breathtaking! Of course, the cognac brown belt could be worn all year round. We could even add opaque tights to the ensemble if the weather is not quite warm enough yet to expose our bare legs. This is still keeping in line with mixing the two seasons, but not compromising on comfort.


Rebecca Taylor – FW09 – Style – Marcio Madeira

Here is another way to address the 50-50 Split beautifully executed by contemporary designer Rebecca Taylor. A nude sheer metallic polka dot blouse worn with dark black pants and closed-toe heels highlights the numerous possibilities of dressing amid the transition of seasons.


Brian Reyes – R10 – Style

Respected fashion designer, Brian Reyes, confirms that this 50-50 Split combo really works. A lightweight abstract print dress inspired by botanical elements is a stunning reminder that springtime is around the corner. It is styled with black patent leather oxford shabooties which showcase the wonderful yin-yang possibilities for the current transitional season. Again, if the weather is still not warm enough in your area to pull this look off completely yet then try adding black opaque tights and/or a dark brown cardigan sweater.


Burberry Prorsum – R10 – Style

Here is another chic display of the 50-50 Split approach to transitional dressing. Christopher Bailey of Burberry styles a sleek contemporary well-tailored all black outfit with nude sandals. The lightness exhibited on her feet in contrast to the dark form on top makes her legs look like they go on forever. Striking combination!



3.1 Phillip Lim – R10 – Style

Again, we die-hard fashionistas turn to New York designer Phillip Lim to get a clear cut message on a great way to dress in the midst of changing seasons – global warming style. He creates and combines a sleek spring outfit and adds one fall inspired piece. The jacket in this case is the Game Changer. The structure and overall look alludes to cooler temperatures just as the rest of the outfit epitomizes warmer temperatures.


Akris – R10 – Style

Albert Kriemler is the exceptionally talented designer for Akris. He never ceases to create gorgeous well-constructed clothes. This outfit is styled perfectly for the Game Changer approach to dressing comfortably and appropriately for the transition of seasons. The all black ensemble is taken to a new level with a short sleeve orange jacket. A burst of color that is popular this spring.



Erdem – R10 – Style

A great way to style an outfit that is appropriate for the changing of seasons is to incorporate a new trend from the upcoming season and combine it with your current season’s outfits. Erdem Moralioglu demonstrates the New Trend approach superbly by adding the much sought after trend of floral prints. The color combinations he brings to life in the skirt will still work really well with your fall attire.


Rag & Bone – S10 – Style – Marcio Madeira

Rag & Bone’s, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright give us a jump start on the military trend that will even continue into the next fall season. A charcoal gray blazer worn over a crisp white blouse further enhanced with army green khaki cotton pants and nude peep-toe platform sandals is an excellent and effective way to let a spring trend help us transition our fall outfit.


Thakoon – R10 – Style

Digital prints are another trend for spring. Acclaimed designer Thakoon Panichgul has created some really fun and visually captivating prints in this category. Here is a sample of the brilliant way in which the right digital print can lead an outfit perfectly towards the springtime.



Bottega Veneta – R10 – Style

It is undeniable the talents of designer Tomas Maier and his exquisite creations for Bottega Veneta. This season he shows us that by simply adding a bright colorful spring accessory (or accessories for that matter) to an outfit is a superb way to welcome the spring season. Scarves, shoes, handbags, oh my!

Figuring out what to wear is never easy especially during those times of year when the seasons change. Global warming has meant even more erratic weather patterns. The 50-50 Split, the Game Changer, the New Trend or the Accessory Route approaches showcased here are a few that really struck me this season. Get a head start and think about the ways you would like to style your outfits during this transition. A special thanks to the renowned designers who keep thinking up new creations and ways for us to wear them. The possibilities are endless. So inspiring!

Let us know if and how we hopefully encouraged you to combine fall with spring elements in your wardrobe?

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  • Kristina! Another Spot-On Blog post! I just started bringing out my Spring clothes and packing up the true Winter garments. But it is tricky! I love the print dress with shabooties and the Thakoon t-shirt outfit. And, thought I would share: I just scored a vintage Phillip Lim chanel-esque jacket (perfect Winter to Spring colors, fabric and style) at a boutique in St Helena. Price was so reasonable I snabbed it up! Thanks

  • Kristina Moore

    Cathy – OK, I am officialy jealous! The 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket sounds perfect to wear right now. And you got it at a discount price. Sounds like an ideal purchase. Way to go!