This Season’s Hottest Color Combos

October 5, 2010

Camel, gray, olive green and tried-and-true black are everywhere this fall season! We can’t walk into a store or shop online without noticing the influx of these fiercely back to basics neutral colors. Thankfully, they are available in a wide assortment of hues allowing us the opportunity to certainly find color variations that best highlight our skin tone.

I was so inspired by these luxurious monochromatic ensembles that designers Albert Kriemler for Akris, Phillip Lim, and Oscar de la Renta created for their Fall/Winter 2010 Collections. To style an entire outfit in predominately one identical solo color is quite a feat. These style makers show us how it’s done!

Your assignment, which, naturally, you will choose to accept (!), is to discover other colors to mix with these hot trend colors this fall season. I’ve put together a Color Compatibility Chart for each of these on-trend neutrals to showcase a few other influential and fashionable colors to wear with them. We coolly stay ahead of the curve at all times, but of course. Let’s get started!


Akris – F10 – Style – Marcio Madeira – FirstView


Oscar de la Renta – F10 – Style – Marcio Madeira – FirstView


3.1 Phillip Lim – F10 – Style – Marcio Madeira – FirstView


Akris – F10 – Style – Marcio Madeira – FirstView

Have these Fall Trend Color Compatibility Chart’s been helpful to you? Which color combos are your favorites?

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  • Joy

    I love this, Kristina. You make it so easy to think outside of the box with accent color without getting too far out on a limb…totally helpful (sorry for the mixed metaphors!)…

  • Joy

    An additional question? What accent color pieces would you suggest? Would it be shoes or bags? Or is jewelry in an accent color okay? Or, are you thinking scarves?

  • Kristina Moore

    Thanks, Joy! I am really happy to hear that you found the Color Compatibility Charts to be helpful. These support colors that are also really popular right now, can be mixed in with the top four trend colors (camel, gray, olive green and black) in the form of tops (blouses, sweaters, tees, etc.), skirts, pants, jackets and coats plus, yes, scarves, belts, shoes, handbags and jewelry. I would also look for patterned tops, dresses, jackets, coats or scarves with some of these color combinations too. Beautiful!

  • As well as being a photographer, I also style photo shoots and working women who have trouble with their wardrobe choices. These color combinations are AWESOME! You Rock!

  • Kristina Moore

    Malinda – You’ve got a fun job! Happy to hear you found my color mixing tips helpful!