Updates To Our Work Style Community Board On Pinterest

December 5, 2012

Our community has certainly been busy pinners this past week, pinning and connecting and supporting each of our visions for our professional look (while we passionately and steadfastly pursue our careers) on CF’s new community board on Pinterest.

Here’s a great example of a pin by contributor, r alexandrina, featuring Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook and her viral video, 25 Ways To Wear A Scarf:

Contributor, r alexandrina, is helping to create a viable resource for all of us Corporate Fashionistas!

I noticed many of you wanted to participate and started following our ☆ CorporateFashionista.com ☆ Community Board board on Pinterest, but have yet to accept your invitation (step #4). Do so, when you get a chance! You will be unable to pin any images or videos until you do.

We’re trying something new here and Pinterest isn’t the ideal platform (yet!), so please be patient as I make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to make this community board a useful and inspirational resource for everyone.

Guidelines: inappropriate or back-to-back duplicate pins, spam or destructive comments will be deleted.

If you are having any problems with getting access to our community board or have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact me here.


  1. Community Board title has been updated from ☆ Community Board ☆ Biz Style Inspiration ☆ to ☆ Corporate Fashionista.com ☆ Community Board . The new title will be far better for search purposes and more.
  2. Instructions have been updated too. Participation on our Pinterest community board will now require, first, being a subscriber to Corporate Fashionista. This will add strength and security to our community.
  3. If you would like to be a contributor and follow all of my other boards ( I hope you do!) on Pinterest, you must, first, solely follow ☆ CorporateFashionista.com ☆ Community Board board and then select Follow All boards.

Please feel free to recommend your friends, family and work colleagues to join in the fun! Here’s how to get involved!

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